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You Need To See This Bizarre Sandwich Dale Earnhardt Jr. Eats

Everyone's taste buds are different?

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Hey gang! You, I, and the rest of mankind love to eat, right? It's fun and cool, and we need to do it to survive.

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Well, race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a fellow food aficionado! In addition to driving cars really fast, he likes to eat food in his free time. And on Tuesday, he shared one of his favorite snacks on Twitter.

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Dale Jr.'s snack of choice is...drumroll please...MAYONNAISE AND BANANAS ON WHITE BREAD.

"Now wait just a rootin' tootin' minute," you might say. "Bananas and mayo? That's INSANE." But apparently it's not. A quick google search shows that Dale Jr. is not alone in his cravings.

They're actually a thing in the South? IDKIDK.

There's even a Facebook group for those who are really, really craving a B&M (banana & mayo) right now.

Thanks for sharing, Dale Jr.! Time for a banana & mayo sandwich, anyone?


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