23 Cosmo Sex Positions, As Demonstrated By Barbie And Ken

    This is one job Barbie has never had before.

    1. The Backup Boogie

    2. The Standing Tiger, Crouching Dragon

    3. The Downward-Facing Doggie

    4. The Mission Control

    5. The Octopus

    6. Have Sex Like A... Gymnast

    7. The Wild Ride

    8. The Linguini

    9. The Spider Web

    10. The Face-To-Face Fandango

    11. The Lusty Leg-Lift

    12. Have Sex Like A... Diver

    13. The Stand And Deliver

    14. Have Sex Like A... Weightlifter

    15. The Sexual See-Saw

    16. The Torrid Tug-Of-War

    17. The Supernova

    18. The Carnal Crisscross

    19. The Head Game

    20. Have Sex Like A... Wrestler

    21. The Electric Slide

    22. The Ride Of Your Life