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    23 Cosmo Sex Positions, As Demonstrated By Barbie And Ken

    This is one job Barbie has never had before.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    Cosmopolitan magazine, founded in 1886, has long been the standard-setter in innovative sex positions. BuzzFeed has handpicked the best of the best from the magazine's "Sex Positions & Kama Sutra" guide and used Barbie, Ken & friends to demonstrate these complicated bedroom maneuvers.

    1. The Backup Boogie

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    According to Cosmo, this position is when "Your partner lies on his back, his legs straight out in front of him, a pillow under his head so he can watch the action. You straddle him with your head facing his feet. With your hands on the floor for support, you back up onto his penis. He holds your upper thighs or butt tightly while you thrust."

    2. The Standing Tiger, Crouching Dragon

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Pose on all fours with your knees at the edge of the bed while your tiger stands behind you, his feet hip width apart. While he spreads his legs on either side of yours, keep your knees together to narrow your vaginal canal, causing it to feel much snugger around his penis as he thrusts. Be sure to let out a fiery dragon’s roar to let him know how you feel!"

    3. The Downward-Facing Doggie

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Take doggie- style to a new level of XXX by mixing in a little yoga. Have him disengage for a second, then get into a low downward- facing dog position—your butt is high in the air, with your hands and feet the only parts of you touching the bed. With him standing behind you, knees slightly bent, he’ll enter you from behind while holding on to your hips to help support you (so your arms don’t give out)."

    4. The Mission Control

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "With him lying on his back, have him lift his knees to his chest. Then straddle his hips, and squat so your thighs hug his. Before you lower yourself onto him, take your panties, bathrobe tie, or a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, and tie his wrists to the bedposts so you’re in total control."

    5. The Octopus

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Have your guy sit on the floor with his hands on the ground behind him. Tell him to spread his legs and bend them slightly at the knees. Keeping your hands on the floor for support, straddle his lap, facing him, and raise your legs so your right leg rests on his left shoulder and your left leg on his right shoulder. Do it right and you two will look like a multilimbed lust creature."

    6. Have Sex Like A... Gymnast

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Get on your back and bend your knees up toward your head (or if you're feeling flexible, straighten your legs and bring them behind you so that your toes touch the floor, and use your hands to support your back). Your man should kneel so that he can enter you—this angle allows for super-intense deep penetration. Bonus tip: Have him hold onto your hips for extra stability."

    7. The Wild Ride

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "He should lie on his back with one leg bent. Straddle his body sideways, and lower yourself onto his penis. Press against his leg for clitoral stimulation as you’re riding him. You also have primo access to his balls, so take the opportunity to play with them—it’s an area guys said they wish you’d pay more attention to in a recent Cosmo poll."

    8. The Linguini

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Lie on your side, putting a pillow under your head for extra support. Your man kneels directly behind your butt, leaning ever-so-slightly over your body. He should push one of his knees between your legs, positioning his body so he can penetrate you. He places one hand on your back to help support himself as he goes for the plunge. The key to your pleasure is keeping your limbs as limp as a noodle."

    9. The Spider Web

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Both you and your guy lie on your sides, facing each other. Lean in close together and scissor your legs through his so you're superclose and he's deep inside you as he enters you. While thrusting, hold on to each other for leverage and ultimate friction."

    10. The Face-To-Face Fandango

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "This pose gives a whole new meaning to the words "Dirty Dancing." Lie on the floor or another flat surface faceup, with your legs bent under your thighs and your arms raised straight back over your head. Have your guy lie on top of you face-to-face, his legs straight and his hands gripping either your shoulders or your sides. Once you've tweaked the pose so that it's comfortable for you both, he can penetrate you with wide, circular motions or deep, up-and-down thrusting — whichever best suits your saucy mood."

    11. The Lusty Leg-Lift

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Face your partner, standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Take your left foot and turn it out to the side while keeping your right one facing forward. Have him widen his stance, with his legs about three feet apart, and then ask him to bend his knees ever-so-slightly. Wrap your arms around his neck and have him put his arms snugly around your lower back. Here’s where it gets a little tricky: Pull your right leg up and place your right foot on his left shoulder, keeping your right knee bent. As he slowly enters you, ease into the vertical split by sliding your calf as far up his left shoulder as you comfortably can."

    12. Have Sex Like A... Diver

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Start in traditional cowgirl, then turn 90 degrees to your right (so your arms are behind you on the left side of his body). The rotation stimulates both you and your guy in different ways than you’re used to, and you’ll be sure to get yours since you control the depth and speed."

    13. The Stand And Deliver

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "You lean against a wall with your legs slightly spread, facing your guy. He grabs onto the backs of your thighs and holds them against his hips, lifting you up and pushing your back into the wall for leverage, then thrusts away."

    14. Have Sex Like A... Weightlifter

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Bend over near a wall (you can put your hands against it for stability), and have him enter you from behind, like he's "spotting" you. You can vary the angle by moving your back closer and further away from his chest, so he can hit just the right spot."

    15. The Sexual See-Saw

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Lie on your back and lift your legs so they're over your ears and parallel to the floor. Your partner, kneeling in front of you, butts his knees up against your lower back, supporting you, and leans his torso against your thighs. (You can hold his legs to stay in this vixen-esque V-shape.)"

    16. The Torrid Tug-Of-War

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Have him sit cross-legged on the floor or the bed before you straddle him. Lower yourself onto his penis and wrap your legs around his back. As you’re sitting face-to-face, grab each other’s elbows and lean back against the other person’s weight — like a coy tug-of-war game. If you’re limber enough, you might be able to tilt your head far enough back to rest it on the floor. Try to keep as still as possible, concentrating on you and your man’s bodily connection."

    17. The Supernova

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Begin in the deceptively down-to-earth woman-on-top position on a made bed. (Don’t get under the covers.) But instead of riding him with his body lengthwise on the mattress, mount your man as he lies perpendicular to the pillows — you’ll see why in a second. Once you’re climbing toward climax, stop moving and gently grab the sides of his torso with your hands. Leaning on your knees, inch him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms hang backward over the side. Then start riding him again."

    18. The Carnal Crisscross

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Start by lying on your side with your arms above your head. With your man on his side and his body perpendicular to yours, slowly raise your top leg and let him inch his lower body between your legs. Once you’re joined at the groin, have him grab your shoulders while you anchor yourself on the floor. Both of you will need to hold on tight for this stellar trip!"

    19. The Head Game

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Start this inverted delight by lying flat on the ground face up. With your hands supporting your lower back, lift your legs and backside way, way up so they're as perpendicular to the ground as you can get them. Have your man kneel before you, grab your ankles, and bring his knees to your shoulders. Then take his hands and ask him to hold your hips — that will steady you both. Hold his thighs for leverage and adjust so your genitals can join for some otherworldly upside-down action."

    20. Have Sex Like A... Wrestler

    "Lie on your sides so that you're both facing each other, and scissor your legs through his. It's an intimate move since you get to be superclose, plus you'll love all the c-spot action. Try grinding against his pelvis in a slow, circular motion for an explosive O."

    21. The Electric Slide

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "You lie down on the bed or floor on your stomach, with your legs straight and slightly apart. Your guy sits right behind your buns with his legs in front of him and his hands on either side of his body for support. He leans back at a 45-degree angle to your body so he can join his genitals with yours. As he rocks forward and back, bring your legs together for a tight fit. Rest on your elbows with your arms in front of you for leverage."

    22. The Ride Of Your Life

    Sam Stryker for BuzzFeed

    "Your guy lies on his back. Facing him, lower yourself onto his penis in a kneeling position. Keeping your knees on the bed, curl your feet around the inside of his legs, likely around his knees. Lean forward and grab the bedsheets on either side of his head. While holding the sheets — and your feet wrapped around your man’s calves — squeeze your butt, tilt your pelvis, and move in small, tight motions."