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Here’s What Happens When A YouTube Star Runs An Advice Booth

Social media whiz Connor Franta stopped by our L.A. offices to dish out life advice to our twentysomethings, and NO problems were off-limits!

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This is Connor Franta. At 22, he's already a YouTube sensation AND a newly published author, thanks to his memoir.

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He's already accomplished so much in a short period of time, which got us at BuzzFeed thinking: HOW CAN CONNOR HELP US GET OUR LIVES TOGETHER?!

Srsly, we need help!!!

Lucky for us BuzzFeeders, Connor was down to share his life he set up an advice booth in our office, and our twentysomethings came flocking for help.

Editor's Note: These responses have been edited and condensed.

First up: Macey might be young, but really, she's just an old soul — and is still figuring herself out!

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Macey: I just turned 25, and I already feel like 30 or 35.

Connor: Yeah, I feel the same. Honestly, I feel like I'm 80.

Macey: I feel like I'm not 20, which is crazy, and I don't know why. And I don't know what to do about it.

Connor: You don't want to go clubbing?

Macey: Yeah! I don't want to go out.

Connor: It's too tiring. I'd rather stay in.

Macey: I don't drink and I don't smoke, so it's like, "What do I do?"

Connor: Um, that's the age-old question. That's why the internet is a thing.

Macey: Stay in and watch Netflix. I guess that's true.

Connor: Your best friend when no one else is. What can you do other than that? Hmm, what can you do. There's not much to do other than that.

Macey: Read?

Connor: Go on a hike! Develop a hobby. Get a cat!

Macey: Yeah, I could get a cat. I could walk my cat.

Connor: Honestly, I would join a person on a walk with their cat. Other than that... Write a book! Make a blog. Make a YouTube channel. The internet is always there!

Macey: That's true!


Make connections on the internet!

Also there's Lara, who is suffering from the worst kitchen nightmares.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Lara: I don't know how to grocery shop, or cook.

Connor: Me neither. No one does.

Lara: Thank you! I go to the grocery store, and I'm like, "I should buy something to make a meal!" And then I just end up buying cookies and avocado, which I don't know how to cut.

Connor: I end up buying only breakfast foods, I end up only buying cereal, and avocado, and eggs.

Lara: So what do you do?

Connor: You eat breakfast all day, and you love it! Buy cereal, and buy milk, and it's great for every meal! And it's easy, and it's quick, and it's a quick cleanup.

Lara: What kind of cereal though?

Connor: Buy the one that has the least sugar. Watch the documentary Fed Up on Netflix, and you'll realize we are all going to die very young. It'll make you realize there is like, 20 grams of sugar in everything.

Lara: Like lemonade? I literally just drank some.

Connor: You're going to die.

Lara: I can't wait. Great. Well at least I won't be married.

Connor: That's a different type of death.



Next up was Christian, who also can't cook for his life.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Christian: So, I'm terrible at cooking.

Connor: Same.

Christian: Like, really, really bad. And it's an insecurity of mine as a twentysomething, because when it comes to dating, I wanna invite the person I'm seeing over and say, "I'll cook you dinner."

Connor: But you can't.

Christian: All I'm serving is a hot plate of Spaghetti-Os.

Connor: Cereal! I'll go back to cereal. You've never had a bad bowl of cereal, but you have had a bad piece of chicken.

Christian: That's true. And chicken, you can get someone seriously sick.

Connor: Just tell them, "I don't want to get you ill, so have this bowl of cereal."

Christian: That's it, Lucky Charms.

Connor: Give them Lucky Charms, you'll get lucky!


Cereal, AGAIN.

Then there was Javi, who's struggling finding love in L.A.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Javi: I guess the issue is dating in a new city. You know you move here, you gotta establish friendships, and just the routine, and whole bunch of other stuff, so how do you go about it?

Connor: Skip all the steps and use the dating apps. From base one to base...six? I just added a new base. No but really, if I'm going to to be honest, join a club, or do acting classes, or singing classes, or some type of class...SoulCycle, that's a thing!

Javi: Right.

Connor: And you'll meet tons of people!

Javi: With the dating apps, do you have any tips on how to navigate all that?

Connor: I've never used them! They're like the devil, I'm scared of them.

Javi: I'm using them right now, and it's pretty exhausting.

Connor: All that swiping?

Javi: Sometimes it's not even that. Just, the same conversations.

Connor: Too many people, too many faces?

Javi: Exactly!


Get active in your city!

Finally there's Sam (AKA me), and I'm not a dog person, and people give me LOOKS for it.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Sam: So I have a really weird problem. I don't like dogs. I think it's normal to not like dogs.

Connor: They're itchy and gross.

Sam: Their breath smells, and they poop.

Connor: Yup. And they're loud. I'm with you on this!

Sam: But everyone thinks I'm a sociopath for not liking dogs. Especially in L.A.; everyone has a dog. I don't have that to walk around with me. I feel like everyone thinks I'm like a crazy serial killer. What do I do to communicate to you that I'm not going to stab you, but I also don't like dogs?

Connor: Get a baby, because people with babies don't stab people...

Sam: I think that's maybe a few years away from being in the cards for me.

Connor: You're never too young to have kids. Yes you are. I'm trying to think, because if you wear a smile, then you also could be a serial killer.

Sam: Yeah, I don't really smile either.

Connor: Yeah, you are a sociopath.

Sam: Well that's like a broader problem... I feel like I don't really have any empathy, right?

Macey, off camera: No.

Connor: Well, you solved another problem. You're a sociopath! Move on with your life.

Sam: Dr. Connor Franta, diagnosing me as a sociopath.

Connor: I am not a professional.

Sam: Cheers.

Connor: Cheers to sociopaths. Have you read that book by the way [Confessions of a Sociopath]?

Sam: I wrote it.

Connor: I'm really scared of you. I'll be the one that leaves this question.


Get the hell away from Sam!

Thanks for the FIRE advice, Connor!

Be sure to check out Connor's memoir A Work In Progress, in bookstores now!

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