Comedian Live-Tweets Her Dying Father’s Last Days

LA-based comedian Laurie Kilmartin’s father, who has lung cancer, checked into a hospice on Feb. 20.

1. Kilmartin, who is a writer on Conan, has been live-tweeting from her father’s bedside, sharing her family’s experiences at a heartbreaking time.

Dad can't talk, but if he could, I think he'd say, "You and your sister really messed up tonight's bed to chair transfer."

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

7. Kilmartin has caught the attention of Twitter the past few days.

Guys, @anylaurie16 is Live Tweeting taking care of her rapidly-dying-from-terminal-cancer dad and it is epic.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt)

Losing Dad, gaining followers. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

10. Many of her tweets lightheartedly poke fun at her dad, who served in the Army during the Korean War.

Dad has lung cancer. I offered to be Jesse to his Walt, but he didn't take me up on it.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

True story. Found a letter from Dad. He was appalled I didn't have a prom date and he called the guys at my school "a bunch of bumblebees."

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

Dad just let me turn on MSNBC during a Fox News commercial break. Time for Last Rites.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

Dad deploying his "I tired from cancer" excuse, leaving us to chat these boring visitors.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

15. Other times, she addresses the difficulty her family is going through with a spark of humor.

Guys, I'm just trying to grieve in advance, so I can relax and have fun at the funeral.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

7 yo son asked how Grandpa got lung cancer. I said, "Well, he quit a long time ago, but for many many years, Grandpa played Minecraft."

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

Every day, I set a new goal of not seeing Dad's genitals when I help him off the toilet.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

For the first time, our suffer-in-silence Dad said his pain was a "10." Although that could've been because we were watching The View.

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

Hospice said signs my Dad's body is shutting down: loss of appetite, loss of thirst and him looking me in the eye and calling me "handsome."

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

21. And sometimes, she doesn’t need to say anything at all.

55 years

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16)

22. You can follow Laurie on Twitter here.

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