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Christina Aguilera Totally Nailed Her Impressions Of Adele And Rihanna

All from her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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The Voice judge, MasterClass teacher, and pop superstar Christina Aguilera stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to play a divas edition of Heads Up with Ellen, and she NAILED a few of her impressions.

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First up, she blew it away with a heart-stopping Whitney Houston:

Her Rihanna — complete with hand gyrations — also was pretty damn good:

And although she kind of half-assed her Lady Gaga (she didn't even sing!)...

...Xtina made up for it with a Grammy-worthy one-word Adele impression:

Between this and her "Wheel of Musical Impressions" appearance with Jimmy Fallon, Xtina is TRULY the queen of impersonating other divas!

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Be sure to check out all of Christina's impressions on Ellen here!

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