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    24 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Chopped" That Are Both Tasty And Hilarious

    Nothing but respect for OUR favorite show on Food Network.

    1. You if you ever competed on Chopped:

    2. Like, if this isn't me:

    3. And the perfect description of you watching the show:

    4. When the judges' criteria was like, the bare minimum:

    5. And the time you were just left scratching your head at one of the chefs:

    6. This post that perfectly describes the roller coaster of emotions that is watching Chopped:

    7. And this call-out of the Food Network that proves they know how to COOK UP some drama:

    8. Someone needs to greenlight this version ASAP:

    9. The different types of Chopped contestants, Part One:

    10. And Part Two:

    11. And Part Three, which keeps it short AND sweet AND accurate:

    12. This bingo card, which would last you MAYBE half an episode, tops:

    13. When you're a Chopped fan and you're feeling romantic:

    14. When chefs make this critical mistake:

    15. This accurate comparison of the ending to British cooking shows as opposed to Chopped:

    16. And the differences in eliminating contestants:

    17. Here's one more comparison, just for old time's sake:

    18. When the contestants are a little too...flavorful for your tastes:

    19. The insane evolution in Mystery Basket ingredients over the years:

    20. When you get a little TOO invested in the show:

    21. You trying and failing to give a nice compliment to someone:

    22. Your face when someone thinks they have enough time to make a bread pudding in the dessert round:


    24. And finally, when you realize watching the show might be hazardous to your health: