21 "Chopped" Memes That Are So Good, They'd Make It To The Dessert Round

    "'Chopped,' but every instance of the words 'mystery ingredients' is replaced with 'weird shit.'"

    1. You, me, or any other normal person if they were on the show:

    2. That moment when you know you've become a REAL Chopped fan:

    3. British cooking shows vs. their American counterparts:

    4. And how different eliminations are:

    5. The incredibly accurate Chopped version of this popular meme:

    6. When you look at the closed captioning and ask yourself if this show is for real (it DEFINITELY is):

    7. When the contestant on the show who is getting on your last nerve goes home:

    8. When you realize a food competition might have the most twists and turns of any show on TV:

    9. When a chef says their dish is "deconstructed":

    10. What they say on the show vs. what you actually hear:

    11. The levels of Galaxy Brain, Chopped edition:

    12. This INCREDIBLE Bingo card made just for the show:

    13. This unpardonable Food Network sin:

    14. When there's less than 60 seconds and a contestant is cutting it close:

    15. And this way-too-common occurrence:

    16. Like, this is literally how you are watching the TV:

    17. When you're maybe a little too judgmental of chefs on the show:

    18. When there is ALWAYS a backstory:

    19. The two types of dessert round contestants:

    20. This fatal mistake:

    21. And finally, you KNOW you've seen an episode like this: