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An Investigation Into Cher's Call To Lady Gaga

*Plays "Telephone" on repeat.*

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But before we deem this day a national holiday ("The Call-iday" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it???) I have some pressing questions about this correspondence.

For starters, why was Cher calling Lady Gaga? SHOULDN'T GAGA BE CALLING CHER???

Interscope / Via

Lady Gaga is IQONIQ, but Cher is a legend. In the pop music hierarchy, Cher ranks higher than Gaga. Thus, this should be an outgoing call on Lady Gaga's part.


Also, what could Cher be calling Lady Gaga about?

Is she trying to set up dinner? Maybe she's asking if she can borrow the meat dress for a wedding she's attending? Maybe she's calling to tell Gaga she FINALLY bought Artpop on iTunes? The world needs to KNOW.

But the biggest question of all has my mind RACING. HOW THE HELL DID LADY GAGA TAKE A PICTURE OF HER OWN DAMN PHONE?

MTV / Via

Does she have two iPhones? Did she borrow someone else's phone to take this picture? Is that not her phone, and Cher was calling someone else??? THE MIND IS BOGGLED!!!