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    Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    Celebrities Share Their Paranormal Experiences On The Red Carpet

    Because we should be talking about SPIRITS, right?

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    On Saturday, we went to the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica where we talked to celebs about paranormal experiences...because SPIRITS, duh 👻:

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    Some stars, like Jessica Chastain, TOTALLY believe in the paranormal:

    Some like Retta have even had encounters with the spiritual realm — hers involved a television changing channels. Some Netflix & Chill involving a ghost, if you will:

    Others, like Jacob Tremblay, are a little more skeptical about ghosts existing:

    Then there's Cynthia Nixon, who's still holding out for her first ~spooky~ paranormal experience:

    And finally there's Aisha Tyler, who's not waiting for the afterlife to get up to some happy haunting: