26 Celebrities Whose Names Should Have A Totally Different Meaning

“I totally Oprah’d at the bar last night!”

1. “J-Lawing”

ABC / Via celebuzz.com

Definition: To trip and fall in a public environment and take it in stride because you are SO relatable.

2. “Oprahing”

Harpo Productions / Via perezhilton.com

Definition: To buy everyone at the bar a drink. You get a shot! You get a shot! EVERYBODY GETS A SHOT!!!

3. “Gagaing”

Lady Gaga Vevo / Via tuxboard.com

Definition: To get food all over yourself when you are eating and pretend like nothing is there. Art, man. Art.

4. “Hamming”

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

Definition: When your big dick leads to an evident bulge in the crotchal region. Is that an old-fashioned in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?

5. “Gwynething”

Definition: To give the newest fad diet a try. Maybe you need to consciously uncouple from carbs for a few weeks?

6. “Kardashianing”

E! / Via tkyle.com

Definition: To show up to a party uninvited. Because really, who can keep up with your social life?

7. “Mileying”

Definition: Dancing like you DGAF because this is AMERICA and it’s a free country. Twerk like no one is watching!

8. “Aaron Pauling”

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Definition: To photobomb someone… YEAH BITCH!

9. “Beyonceing”

Definition: When you walk into a room and EVERYONE stops and looks at you. Because, of course, you are ***FLAWLESS.

10. “T-Swifting”

Definition: Awkwardly sober dancing. Who cares WHO you belong with, but you definitely DON’T belong on a dance floor.

11. “Hathawaying”

Definition: Something good happens to you and no one cares. Whatever, Hatha-haters to the LEFT.

12. “Kanyeing”

MTV / Via eonline.com

Definition: Interrupting someone else to say something more boring. “Imma let you finish, but this one time I went to New York I ate a hot dog…”

13. “One Directioning”

Definition: Having a guilty crush on someone way younger than you. WHAT, THEY’RE LEGAL!!!

14. “Rob Fording”

Definition: When you’re the drunk guy at the party that spills beer everywhere but people still love him anyway. Eh?

15. “Leoing”

20th Century Fox

Definition: When someone else swoops in and cockblocks you, stealing your guy/girl. It’ll happen one of these years…

16. “Bidening”

Definition: When you say something a little weird but you don’t give a shit because you’re a BIG EFFING DEAL.

17. “Pitbulling”

Definition: Going out on a weeknight. DALE!

18. “Drakeing”

Definition: Staying in on Friday night. :(

19. “Biebering”

Definition: Farting in a room full of people and denying that it was you. Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhhh not again.

20. “Francoing”

Definition: When you get caught stalking someone on social media.

21. “Rihannaing”

Definition: When you get high and then post stuff on social media. Cake, cake, cake, cake…

22. “Selenaing”

Definition: When you just can’t seem to get over your ex.

23. “Keshaing”

Kesha Vevo / Via perezhilton.com

Definition: Not showering or changing into something new before you go out.

24. “Nicki Minajing”

Definition: Calling basic bitches out.

25. “Mindying”

NBC / Via videogum.com

Definition: Being the funniest person in the room. Cue the laugh track!

26. “Britneying”

Definition: Eating all the junk food and not giving a fuck. Where are the Flaming Hot Cheetos?!?!

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