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I Asked A Bunch Of Teens To Tell Me Which Celebrities Are Cool And Not Cool And Here's What They Said

"How do you do, fellow kids?"

Let's cut the crap: Teens are like adults, except way less likely to ruin the economy/American democracy and way more likely to be on the cutting edge of what's cool in music, style, etc.


So in order to get a better grasp of WHO teens think are cool, I asked my teen followers on Twitter to tell me who their favorite celebrities are (ones they either look up to or think are cool) — and also the ones they aren't big fans of!


This was obviously by no means a scientific experiment. I had a pretty small sample size (a dozen or so people obviously don't speak for ALL teens), and I tossed out any answers that appeared to be from NON-TEENS or anyone who seemed to be trolling me. But, these were the answers I got.

Here's who teens think are cool/not cool!

1. COOL: Emma Watson

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

This one made sense. Does anyone NOT love Emma Watson? She's talented, she's got a great sense of style, and most important of all, she's HERMIONE.

2. COOL and NOT COOL: The Kardashian/Jenners

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Like pretty much everyone, teens run hot and cold on America's most famous family! Kim and Khloé got the seal of approval, but Kylie didn't pass the test. One teen just said they were "indifferent" about the whole family because they "all have their good and bad days."

3. COOL: The Obamas

Joshua Lott / AFP / Getty Images

And, yes, Donald Trump got at least one "not cool" vote.

4. NOT COOL: Perez Hilton

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

I didn't realize teens still read Perez Hilton.

5. COOL: Brie Larson

Jonathan Leibson

Brie was described as "empowering," and it's easy to see why — remember when she stood up and hugged every sexual assault survivor who performed with Lady Gaga at the Oscars?

6. COOL: Oprah Winfrey

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

I mean. Who DOESN'T like Oprah?

7. NOT COOL: Amy Schumer

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

I think the lesson learned here is teens are quick to sniff out problematic stars.

8. NOT COOL: Jennifer Lawrence

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

See above.

9. NOT COOL: Bella Thorne

Christopher Polk

I want the best for Bella Thorne — I really do — but she received the most "not cool" votes out of any person on this list. My guess is it's because she's a little extra, which the teens who responded didn't seem to be here for.

10. NOT COOL: Jared Leto

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

To be fair, I think we as a society need a bit of a break from Jared Leto.

11. NOT COOL: Halsey

Matt Winkelmeyer

Halsey is just a really polarizing figure for some reason.

12. COOL: Demi Lovato

Jonathan Leibson

Demi is refreshingly honest as far as media-trained stars go (just look at her YouTube documentary where she opens up about her history of substance abuse) and does a LOT of good work — especially when it comes to mental health, body image, and LGBT issues. Her appeal stretches beyond her discography (even if teens have been familiar with her since her Disney Channel days).

13. COOL: The Sprouse Twins

Michael Kovac

I feel like it's because they've transitioned well from their child star days on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. If I'm being honest, I can't really tell them apart. All I know is one has long hair and one is on Riverdale.

14. COOL: Cupcakke

Craig Barritt

If you don't know her, Cupcakke is a raunchy, sex-positive rapper who is HILARIOUS on Twitter and is notoriously good to her fans (for instance, helping a gay teen who was kicked out of his home).

15. COOL: Zendaya

Jonathan Leibson

I knew teens liked Zendaya, but teens really LOVE Zendaya. She, along with Lorde, seemed to be the most-mentioned "cool" celeb among responders.

16. COOL: Khalid

Sam Wasson

Khalid is one singer who is IN right now.

17. COOL: Rihanna

Dimitrios Kambouris

I mean, fucking DUH. It's Rihanna.

18. COOL: Lorde

David Becker

Along with Zendaya, Lorde was one of the most-mentioned "cool" stars by teens who responded. She was described as a "genuinely talented and nice person." Also, one teen responded, "Anyone with a secret Instagram devoted to onion rings is A-OK in my book."

19. COOL but also NOT COOL: Taylor Swift

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

TBH, not surprised by this one! It seems like Taylor Swift is a polarizing figure no matter HOW old you are, so it makes sense that teens aren't really any different.

20. COOL: Britney Spears

Christopher Polk

This really gave me hope for the future.

21. NOT COOL: Katy Perry

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

OK, I will defend Katy Perry to the death but after the year she's had, I wasn't surprised to see her on the "not cool" side of the list.

22. COOL: Sam Smith

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Ummmmmm Sam's Carpool Karaoke was nice and that's all I'm going to say!

23. COOL: Lady Gaga

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Here's what one teen said about stars they look up to, and Lady Gaga was one on their list: They support celebrities "who are agents of change and acceptance and understand what it's like to be a young person in today's world. Those are the celebs I respect and look up to."

24. COOL: Finn Wolfhard

Astrid Stawiarz

Surprisingly, Finn was the only Stranger Things star on the list. I was expecting some love for Millie Bobby Brown. FYI, Finn is FANTASTIC on Twitter.

25. COOL: Jenna Marbles

Mike Windle

I actually was expecting MORE YouTubers to show up on this list. Anyway, here's what one teen had to say about Jenna Marbles:

"I grew up watching YouTube and for a long time I’ve looked to up to Jenna Marbles. Her content always manages to put me in a good mood and her content has always managed to stay consistent in quality. She is someone that I can relate to, unlike real celebrities who are treated above the world."

26. COOL: Mark Ruffalo

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Like a lot of stars on this list, Mark Ruffalo was lauded because he "[speaks] up about injustices." More than exposure, or talent, or any other quality, it seems like teens are really into stars who use their fame for good.

27. NOT COOL: Chris Brown

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Teens are quick to call out the bullshit: One responder was upset that Chris Brown was "able to gain fame even with an abusive past ... their domestic violence cases are often overlooked."

28. NOT COOL: Nash Grier

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

*Damian from Mean Girls voice*: "And none for Nash Grier."

29. NOT COOL: Jake Paul

Rich Fury / Getty Images

I've watched a few of his videos and it's like drinking a mixture of cold brew and Red Bull.

30. COOL: Tom Holland

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

I like Tom Holland. Teens like Tom Holland. I felt good about this choice.

31. COOL: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

He's fucking talented, he's an outspoken critic of Trump, and he uses his platform for good. This one makes a lot of sense.

32. And finally, COOL: Christine Sydelko

Emma Mcintyre

Christine is fucking hilarious and you should follow her on Twitter. And sorry, Elijah, you didn't get nominated!

Thank you to all my teen responders! You guys literally ARE the future.

And if you want, give them a follow: @millieboy7, @kaymfer, @emdaddyfresh, @GZanipatin, @kerliiine, @miriamkenobi, @shanefsimpson, @themollybee, @esaakk, @dylanjhicks, @prostitatertot, @RKazawic, @cailan_.

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