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    24 Catholic Tweets That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Have To Go To Confession

    Oh Lord.

    1. This way-too-accurate starter pack when your stomach is rumbling during Lenten Fridays:

    The "I'm hungry but it's a Friday during Lent" starter pack

    2. This Ash Wednesday visual pun:

    3. And this unfortunate, yet truly divine mistake:

    I went to get my full license and forgot it was Ash Wednesday.

    4. This totally spot-on summary of every Catholic mass ever:

    Stand. Sit. Kneel. Repeat. #GrowingUpCatholic

    5. This Ash Wednesday dad joke:

    *priest drags ashes across my upper lip* PRIEST: [whispering] stache wednesday

    6. Every time this awkward exchange goes down in the pews:

    When someone ignore your sign of peace during mass #catholicproblems

    7. Or this one:

    Awkward sign of peace. #GrowingUpCatholic

    8. And this cringe-worthy moment when you need a map to get back to your pew:

    When you're walking back from communion and you forget which pew you're sitting in #GrowingUpCatholic

    9. When you've absolved yourself of your sins, but know you'll be back to confess some more later:

    Walking out of confession but knowing you'll be back again next week with the same exact sins. #GrowingUpCatholic

    10. When the priest FINALLY gets it right on Ash Wednesday for once:

    When you realize that you actually got an Ash that looks like a Cross instead of a smudge for the 1st time…

    11. When you pull this romantic maneuver during mass:

    #GrowingUpCatholic sitting next to your crush during mass so you can hold hands during the Our Father

    12. When you think the priest is going to slightly mist you with holy water, but it actually turns into this:

    #growingupcatholic getting hit with holy water

    13. When you go to your non-Catholic friend's church service and are totally caught off-guard:

    when you're Catholic and step into a Protestant service for the first time #growingupcatholic

    14. When you need to put this reminder into your calendar during the entirety of Lent:

    Honestly, I'll probably still forget #catholicproblems

    15. When you're sitting there realizing mass is going to go over 60 minutes:

    #growingupcatholic when the Priest has a really really long Homily and a baby starts crying and you're just like:

    16. And it seems like mass might never, ever end:

    When the announcement at the end of Mass are longer than the homily. #catholicproblems

    17. When only a true Catholic would get this meme...

    18. ...and this one too:

    Adam waking up missing a rib and with a wife

    19. When everyone was fangirling during the Grammys but this was all you saw:

    Bet few people know what Beyoncé was dressed up as. #growingupcatholic

    20. You'll definitely laugh at this "birthday card" to celebrate Jesus' big day last year:

    I'm sorry, I had to. Happy birthday Jesus!

    21. Whenever there were, and still are, snacks in the parish hall after mass:

    "There will be donuts after mass" Me as soon as mass ends:

    22. When you remember thinking these words in your head as a kid during mass:

    "May the force be with you" "And also with you." #GrowingUpCatholic

    23. And also remembering this totally happening on Sundays growing up:

    when ur parents wake u up early for morning masses #GrowingUpCatholic

    24. And finally, when the entire church rushes out to avoid the inevitable parking lot traffic jam following mass: