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    23 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Hate Going Out

    "Ugh, can we just reschedule for never?"

    1. When you get out of a Friday night obligation that you were dreading:

    when people cancel plans and u didnt wanna go anyway

    2. When you roll into brunch with your friends and you're the only one NOT dying:

    ABC 15 / Via Twitter: @vivalaleyna

    3. When you finally decide to go out for once, and this happens and ruins your night before it even starts:

    4. Or this happens, which is a reminder of why you don't like to go out in the first place:

    5. When you've mastered the art of the Irish Exit:

    6. When not going out keeps your finances in order:

    7. When your idea of going out is really just making plans and then canceling them:

    8. When this is your idea of everlasting love:

    9. When this is your go-to response to "Hey, wanna go out Saturday night?":

    10. When your idea of turning up is opening a second bottle of wine when you're marathoning SVU on the couch:

    11. When you basically have a Rolodex of excuses of why to not go out:

    Paramount / Via Twitter: @PapiChuloNalgon

    12. When you've had to fake being disappointed about plans falling through:

    13. When you finally DO get out of your shell and go out with friends, and this happens:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    14. When you try to be manipulative about making plans and it backfires on you:

    15. When you realize not leaving your house is actually ALWAYS the best decision:

    16. When your friends pull a fast one on you and you have to bust out a hot outfit:

    17. Or when you put ALL that effort in, only to show up at your friend's and this happens:

    When you and your friend are ready to go out but he doesn't even bother changing

    18. When staying in really, really has its benefits:

    ABC 15 / Via Twitter: @mishamcs

    19. When the drama starts to unfold on group chat:

    20. And then when you unfortunately do end up going out with the crew, it's mad awk:

    21. When this is your perfect weekend night:

    22. When you have to ghost your own friends socially:

    23. And finally, when you have no one to be mad at except yourself: