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17 Things You'll Only Understand If You're From Connecticut

WTF is a nutmeg?!

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3. And for some reason, whenever you meet someone who's not from the state, they automatically know about Greenwich and think you live there, or in the town over.


8. In Connecticut, college basketball is a lifestyle. The Lady Huskies are the most dominant team in sports, hands down, and the men's team isn't too shabby either.

10. And professional sports are still kind of a sore subject, TBH — we lost the Whalers, and although Patriots are a great team to root for...they should be playing in Hartford TBH.

11. The best-kept secret about Connecticut might be that it arguably has the world's best pizza — apizza — and that's a fact.


13. Also, even though Connecticut's nickname is the Nutmeg're still not really sure WHY, because you probably have never seen a nutmeg out in the wild.