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33 Times Britney Spears Owned Instagram In 2014

Merry Britmas!!!

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1. First, when she personally wished us a Happy 2014, guaranteeing it would be the BEST year ever.

2. When she posed with this lucky fan.

3. And this other random fan.

4. When she was on her way to steal your man in this hot pink scooter.

5. When she took a selfie with her new studmuffin of the moment.

6. Seriously, they're the cutest.

7. When she rocked harder hair game than ALL your faves.

8. When she gave the most IMPORTANT advice on how to get over a shitty day.

9. The time she took a selfie with her kids, proving she is the coolest mom ever.

10. And yeah, call her Martha Stewart, because she can throw a pretty good party, too.

11. When she NAILED her Woody Woodpecker impression.

12. When she let her niece snatch her wig... she looked ALMOST as good as Brit Brit. ALMOST.

13. When she posted the ULTIMATE throwback on the 4th of July.

14. When she was lit'rally the ONLY person who could pull this heinous shirt off.

15. When she posed as the sexiest nerd with her one night stand for Halloween.

16. And when she totally rocked this bikini in Hawaii.

17. When she nailed the slow-mo video function on her iPhone.

18. When she was bored on a Saturday and posted this totes hilar video.

19. When she was the best daughter...

20. ... and the best sister anyone could ask for.

21. When she made fun of her Starbucks obsession with this amazing Valentine's Day card.

22. When she was so kind as to support a pair of struggling artists.

23. When she introduced new Holy words to the English language.

24. When she teased us with the promise of new music.

25. When the world was graced with not one, but TWO Britneys.

26. When Madonna tried to kiss her... again.

27. When she was just like you and your girlfriends on a Vegas weekend.

28. That time she reminisced on the cinematic classic that was Crossroads.

29. When she was collecting even more hardware to decorate one of her mansions.

30. When we lit'rally could smell the amazingness that was her "Naughty & Nice" perfume through Instagram.

31. Just... whatever is going on here.

32. When she celebrated Britney Day like the true diva she is. How was Beyoncé Day? OH RIGHT.

33. And when she completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to END all Ice Bucket Challenges.

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