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We Tried All Of Knott's Berry Farm's Delicious Boysenberry Treats

Our stomachs were berry, berry full.

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And lucky for all you gourmands out there, SoCal's Knott's Berry Farm is having an INSANE festival devoted to boysenberries, starting this weekend.

A boysenberry, for those of you who don't know, is a cross between a blackberry, raspberry, dewberry, and loganberry. IDK what the last two are, BUT it's still pretty awesome as far as berries go.


We were lucky enough to try more than two dozen of the boysenberry treats Knott's Berry Farm is offering, and we ranked them on our fail-proof boysenberry scale.


Ranging from one to five boysenberries. One means skip it; five means order two OR MORE. With so many food items being offered, you're going to need to bring your A game to try as many as possible!

Yes, we were stuffed by the end. But as you'll see below, it was worth every bite!

Without further ado, our final rankings...

24. Boysenberry Tart

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: This was hands down our least favorite item. It was gelatinous and just didn't seem as "fresh" as the other items. Unless you're missing your teeth, skip the tart. You've only got so much stomach space!

23. Boysenberry BBQ Wings

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: OK, so we both have to admit that neither of us are wing people. They're sticky, messy, and chicken gets in between your teeth. These were fine as far as wings go. But nothing to write home to Mom about!


22. Boysenberry Pie

The Verdict: The pie had two things working against it: It wasn't served warm, and it wasn't served a la mode. MAYBE NEXT TIME, PIE!

21. Boysenberry Dessert Flautas

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Yes, these are fried shells with a warm boysenberry filling. On the plus side, they weren't greasy! But there were some SOLID dessert offerings, and the flautas just weren't on their level. Trust us, you'll see why!


20. Boysenberry Trifle

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: The trifle was a tough item to score because it was the last treat we tried; our stomachs were STUFFED at this point. What you see here is soft serve, whipped cream, frozen berries, and underneath is vanilla cake. Sam loved it; Kirsten was defeated at this point. It's pretty good — we'd recommend it under normal circumstances (aka not trying two dozen food items at once).

19. All-Beef Hot Dog With Boysenberry Relish & Boysenberry Ketchup

The Verdict: Pretty good, as far as hot dogs go. But it felt like it was missing something...MUSTARD. Free idea for Knott's Berry Farm: BOYSENBERRY MUSTARD.

18. Boysenberry Churro Sundae

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Like the trifle, this was one of the last items we tasted, and our stomachs were VERY VERY full, to say the least. Knott's Berry Farm makes their churros on site, and they are GOOD. The rest? It's just the cherry on top of the sundae — or in this case, the boysenberry! This is the first item on the list where you absolutely NEED to consider ordering it.


17. Boysenberry Frappuccino

The Verdict: This is the stuff middle school dreams are made of. Yes, it's VERY sweet. But this isn't something you can order at any old Starbucks (and we were among the first to try this Frap). Live a little, and go for it. You deserve it!

16. Boysenberry Wine

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Like the previous item, the boysenberry wine is on the sweeter side, and is almost a little *too* sweet — the type of drink that you start sipping on, and before you know it you're waking up the next morning facedown on your couch with a stranger next to you.'s boysenberry wine!


15. Grilled Salmon With Boysenberry Glaze Over Greens With Boysenberry Dressing

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Yay, healthier fare! And the salmon was cooked to perfection. If you're watching your figure, or are looking to balance out the sweeter options, this is a good bet. Plus, it's actually tasty!

14. Boysenberry Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

The Verdict: Another item we ate late in the game, but probably would have enjoyed more under better circumstances (aka not eating 20-plus items of food prior). Really, the pairing of chocolate and berry is pretty perfect. And the sandwich, as you can see, is GINORMOUS.

13. Boysenberry Fish & Chip Sandwich w/ Boysenberry Tartar Sauce + Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Great update on a classic! It's tangy, it's spicy, but maybe it has a little *too* much going on? There were two sauces, spicy bread, fish and chips — it's chaos for your taste buds! The fish is fried very well, though!

12. Boysenberry Hard Cider and Boysenberry Stout

The Verdict:

Boysenberry Cider: I mean, it’s good. No surprises here. Give us any alcohol and we won't complain.

Boysenberry Stout: This isn't as sweet as everything else, which is kind of nice? We kept sipping this as a palette cleanse — which probably isn't the best idea, considering it is boozy, after all. BUT WE DID IT ANYWAY.

11. Boysenberry Sautéed Chicken Sandwich

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: This is like a flavor explosion. There's sausage, chicken, peppers, boysenberry BBQ sauce, and some boysenberry aioli. We're into it. Sam is picking the peppers off, which is a tragedy, but overall, it's a win. Sandwich-wise, it’s less overwhelming than the fish & chips. Also, CHEESE!!!

10. Boysenberry Churros

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: The was like the 17th item we tried, but if we had the capacity to eat the whole thing I'm sure we would have. The churros were warm and cooked to doughy perfection and the gooey boysenberry goodness was a nice surprise.

9. Fried Boysenberry Ice Cream

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: Everything tastes better fried, and ice cream is no exception to that rule. The ice cream inside was delicious. It felt like a crime not being able to eat the whole thing and watching it melt away, but hey, WE HAD TO TRY EVERYTHING.

8. Boysenberry BBQ Ribs and Corn With Boysenberry Butter

The Verdict: Not super boysenberry-y for the ribs, so they seem like normal ribs? But they’re huge and meaty (LOL) and perfect for feasting on. Barbecue food is the best food, so no complaints here. And the corn with boysenberry butter SOUNDS crazy on paper, but the sweet-savory-salty mix is sublime.

7. Boysenberry Mousse With Cheesecake

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: This is REALLY tasty, and not too heavy! And it feels super classy even though it's in a plastic cup. This is the type of dessert you should be eating with your pinkie up.

6. Boysenberry Lemonade and Boysenberry Beer

The Verdict:

Boysenberry Lemonade: Very refreshing. We were also really thirsty, and this was the perfect quencher. We agreed this could also go really well with vodka. LOL.

Boysenberry Beer: With fruit beers, sometimes it is TOO fruity. But this was more subtle! Like, this is something we’d actually drink outside of the festival!

5. Boysenberry Chocolate-Dipped Pop

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: YUM. This is another one that we needed to force ourselves to stop eating. So dang good, and very, very refreshing. It's all about that chocolate-berry pairing!

4. Deep-Fried Cheese Curds w/ Spicy BB Dipping Sauce

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: So addicting — like hella fancy mozzarella sticks. It's fried cheese, so who WOULDN'T like it? Dipping sauce is pretty, but maybe a little *too* sweet? We wish it were a tad spicier.

3. Deep Fried Alligator & Fries With BB Aioli:

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: The alligator is amazing, super tender, and the batter is amazing. Kirsten had never tried alligator before and she was really digging it. The aioli is a nice compliment, but boysenberry isn’t the star here! The alligator takes the gold.

2. Boysenberry Cheesecake

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: We were getting really full…but we kept eating more. Sam kept this dessert by him for safekeeping, because he kept stealing more and more bits. Sweet, but not TOO sweet. Not overwhelmingly boysenberry-y. It’s like…REALLY good.


1. The Fun Bun

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

The Verdict: What is the Fun Bun, you ask? It's a cinnamon roll...dipped in batter...then deep-fried to perfection...and covered in warm boysenberry cream cheese.

Well, we definitely get why they call it the "Fun Bun," because BOY IS THIS FUN TO EAT. It's not too sweet, or too oily. It sounds crazy on paper — like it would be way too much going on — but it actually kind of works? All hail the Fun Bun, the champion of our stomachs!


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