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22 Things All Blondes Are Tired Of Hearing

Like, please like, stop with the dumb blonde jokes.

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1. "Are you a natural blonde?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

Are you naturally this annoying?

2. "You're smart for a blonde."

MGM / Via

You don't say.

3. "I have a thing for blondes."

Warner Bros. / Via

Too bad we don't have a thing for idiots.

4. "You kind of look like [insert random blonde celebrity here.]"

20th Century Fox / Via

You need to have your eyes checked.

5. "You're SUCH a blonde!"

Kesha Vevo / Via

What does that even mean?

6. "Do you dye your hair?"

Bravo / Via

Like that's any of your business.

7. "I wish I had hair like yours."

CBS / Via

Well, you don't.

8. "What do you think of Miley Cyrus going blonde?"

Miley Cyrus Vevo / Via

Welcome to the club, I guess?

9. "How do you get your hair to look like that?"

Fox TV / Via

What, are you trying to copy me?

10. "OMG, like, do you like, love being blonde?"

ABC / Via

Yeah, I don't talk like that.

11. "Will you have to dye your hair when you get older?"

20th Century Fox / Via

Ask me when I'm "older."

12. "Will your kids be blonde?"

NBC / Via

Not sure, you'll have to ask them.

13. "Have you ever thought of getting a pixie cut like JLaw did?"

CBS / Via

Have you ever thought of not asking dumb questions?

14. "Blondes just do it better."

Disney / Via

I already knew this.

15. "I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde for the summer, what do you think?"

20th Century Fox / Via

Yeah, good luck with that!

16. "Are you having a blonde moment?"

20th Century Fox / Via

No, but if you keep asking you're going to have a painful moment.

17. "Do you use Sun-In?"

United Artists / Via

Nope. Just nope.

18. "Do you ever think about dying your hair a different color?"

Universal Pictures / Via


19. "Can I touch your hair?"

ABC / Via

Can I punch your face?

20. "Blondes have more fun."

Bravo / Via

Not when you're around.

21. "Are you blonde, ugh, down there?"

NBC / Via

Is the suspense killing you?

22. And finally, literally any dumb blonde joke.

We'll laugh, and then we will take over the world.

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