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The Names Of Beyoncé's Twins Might Have Just Leaked And They're Iconic AF

We finally know — OR DO WE?!

Let's establish the basics: Earlier this year, Beyoncé announced that she and her husband were pregnant with twins.

And while she hasn't officially announced their birth, we THINK they're here, based on this tweet of her father's.

They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday

SMH. Miss Tina would NEVER pull this shit.

Which leads us to the NEXT most pressing question: WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?!



Well, it seems we have an answer. TMZ is reporting a company owned by Jay Z and Bey have trademarked the names "Sir" and "Rumi" — the thinking is, these are the twins' names and their enterprising parents are protecting them for future use.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

It's just good business sense.

Since these are celebrities, they can't just give out plebeian-ass names like "John" or "Kristen" — so let's analyze the potential choices!


"Sir" obviously is a title given to people knighted by the British monarch, so that's a pretty regal name befitting of one of Beyoncé's children.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

I mean, they basically ARE royalty.

And "Rumi" has a special meaning as well. It's a Japanese name that roughly translates to "beauty." Um...sounds pretty perfect, no?!

Mike Coppola

There's ALSO a famous historical Persian poet whose name was Rumi, which would also be a cool inspiration!

Basically, this is us waiting for Bey to officially announce their birth, their names, and share some cute baby pics:


BuzzFeed has reached out to Beyoncé's representatives for comment.