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    Just A Bunch Of "Barefoot Contessa" Jokes That Are Gourmet And Hilarious

    "How easy was that?"

    1. When you look at her resumé and you realize Ina could be running the country:

    2. Seriously, what CAN'T she do?!

    3. When you hear those tinkling piano keys, and you suddenly have the urge to twerk a little:

    4. This very accurate layout of how to make an episode of Barefoot Contessa:

    5. And this drinking game for the show that might actually cause alcohol poisoning:

    6. This way-too-accurate description of Ina's taste:

    7. And this one, too:

    8. Proof that other gay icons out there better watch their backs, because Ina is coming:

    9. When you're watching the show and you hear exactly what you want:

    10. This Barefoot Contessa-inspired "steal her look":

    11. Proof that Ina is the only gay ally we need:

    12. And this goal which is now at the top of my bucket list:

    13. But if you can’t become one of Ina’s gays, then this will do just fine:

    14. This way-too-accurate scenario, as described by Ina:

    15. When you start to describe your life in Ina Garten recipes:

    16. Or when you think about how ridiculous her ingredients can make you feel:

    17. Seriously, she's bougie AF:

    18. Although...what do we have here?!

    19. But then you realize no one could ever be on Ina's level:

    20. When you want Ina to serve a little more sass:

    21. And finally, when you kind of wish these imaginary Barefoot Contessa quotes were real:

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