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Ariana Grande Probably Just Torched Fuckboy Justin Bieber On Twitter


Yesterday was a big social media day for doughnut-licker/pop star Ariana Grande. She uploaded an amazing Instagram video of her popping CGI bubbles...

...and also reminded us that the Men in Black theme song is the "best song ever."

But before we could say "#BuyFocusOniTunes," this seeming non-story took an incredible, breathtaking, dramatic turn for the ages.

Like any juicy celebrity story, this involves Justin Bieber — he allegedly liked both of these videos on Instagram.

And then suavely commented on one of them, "Damn Ariana u look so good."

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Ariana's rumored boyfriend Ricky Alvarez told the Biebs to STEP OFF in not-so-subtle fashion.


Powerful pop diva that she is, Ariana wasn't just gonna let her man have the last word on the matter. She quickly let down her ponytail and took to Twitter, firing off a duo of cryptic tweets. First:

And then she was like "bang, bang" and shot out this second tweet:

Pretty damning stuff. But the question remains...WAS ARIANA TALKING ABOUT JUSTIN OR NOT?

I'VE PRESENTED ALL THE EVIDENCE WE HAVE. I can't glimpse into Ariana's brain! You get to be the judge.

Regardless of what she meant, I think we all learned a lesson here: Don't fuck with Ariana Grande on Twitter.