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    People Are Freaking Out That Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Are Reportedly Engaged

    "Frankly I would propose to Ariana Grande the literal second i met her, so I think it's admirable that Pete Davidson held out as long as he did."

    In case you missed it, our new favorite celebrity couple (Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, DUH) aren't just dating anymore: THEY'RE REPORTEDLY ENGAGED.

    Instagram / Pete Davidson

    The couple has only been dating since May, but they're adorable AF *AND* are into Harry Potter cosplay so...yes, we're here for it.

    Instagram / Pete Davidson

    Even though the pair got engaged pretty quick, some points were made.

    frankly i would propose to ariana grande the literal second i met her, so i think its admirable that pete davidson held out as long as he did

    Like.........WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?!

    The last thing my embarrassing ass is going to do is criticize Ariana Grande of all people for moving too fast with a guy. I always move too fast. I move lesbian fast. The U-Haul is idling outside before brunch is even over.

    Although, to be fair, the two of them got pretty lucky in love because for some of us, it's more like this:

    ariana grande and pete davidson are engaged after about a month of dating and im over here still struggling with what vine quote should be in my tinder bio this week

    And some (mock) judgment was cast.

    Ariana Grande getting engaged in 3 weeks is rash and extreme and she should calm down and take it slow like me because I got engaged in 6.

    And some pretty funny jokes were made at the expense of their swiftness.

    rumor: ariana grande and pete davidson are set to appear on tlc’s 90 day fiancé

    Remember that time Victoria Justice was petty toward Ariana? Well, this tweet is just *kisses fingers like an Italian chef*:

    SURPRISE! 💍: Just 15 minutes after former co-star Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice announced her own engagement! She says "I think we ALL are getting engaged" Congrats!

    Also, people made fun of the fact Ariana and Pete stole all of IHOB's (IHOP? IDK what we're actually calling it) thunder on the day of its name change:

    The head of IHOb watching people tweet about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson when it was supposed to be their day.

    Other people were just looking to get boo'd up (Pete continues a recent string of Saturday Night Live cast members and staffers dating high-profile stars):

    how do i get on the SNL dating app

    And the wedding was already being planned:

    ariana's first dance better be to into you by ariana grande

    ALSO, we need to talk about how Ariana is having a pretty damn good week overall:

    Ariana Grande is releasing “The Light is Coming” this week, while Troye Sivan and Nicki Minaj are releasing singles featuring Ariana Grande ALSO THIS WEEK, and they just announced Ariana is engaged. Wow.

    FINALLY, it's Pride Month, so even though they're straight........Ariana Grande getting engaged DOES count toward this month's festivities:

    if we’ll allow any str8 to get married during pride month it is ariana grande

    Although she better continue dropping bops if she knows what is good for her:

    i refuse to make a wedding cake for ariana grande and pete davidson because it is my religious belief that marriage should be between a pop star and her gay fans

    Anyway, congrats to the happy couple, y'all are cute, and I'm going to need AG4 ASAP.

    Instagram / Ariana Grande