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Ansel Elgort Went To "The Fault In Our Stars" Bench And This Is What Happened

Okay? Okay.

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Total heartthrob/movie star Ansel Elgort is currently in Amsterdam, international celebrity/jet setter that he is. And he's straight ~chilling~ with some fans, because he's awesome like that.

Like the true gentleman he is, he's also having ~crazy~ conversations with them while he is in a car and they're riding a bike. IS THIS EVEN SAFE?!?!


So, like any true TFIOS fan, Ansel went to the bench where they filmed a ~critical~ scene in the movie. And then he took a selfie.

Ansel ALSO asked two people kissing on the bench (channeling their inner Hazel and Augustus Waters, probably) if this was the bench from TFIOS. And then he asked to have his picture taken. OMG.


If you look closely, you can even see "Okay? Okay." scrawled on the bench. *starts tearing up*

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