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    8 Silly Things Anne Hathaway Looked Like At The Met Gala

    A long time ago, on a red carpet far, far away...

    This is what Anne Hathaway, Oscar winner and Genovian royalty, wore to this year's Met Gala.

    But more important...these are the things she looked like:

    1. She DEFINITELY channeled her inner Princess Leia.

    Anne Hathaway inspired by a galaxy far, far away ... #MetGala #StarWars

    2. She got robotic and maybe dressed like C-3PO!

    anne hathaway is the droid we've been looking for

    3. Actually... she basically looked like ANNE-ything in Star Wars.

    Star Wars Episode II: Annettack of the Clones

    4. She was supersweet, and maybe dressed like a Hershey's Kiss (with almonds).

    Anne Hathaway goes for the gold. #MetGala

    5. She looked like an Oscar...maybe even HER Oscar!

    Anne Hathaway looks better as an Oscar vs. hosting it. #MetGala

    6. Anne definitely looked a little bit like Andre from The League.

    7. And most important of all, she STILL looks like Mia Thermopolis...

    14 years after the princess diaries and anne is STILL wearing hoodies SMDH

    8. ...and the queen of Genovia herself!

    i see anne hathaway took inspiration from queen clarice for her #MetGala look