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People Are Freaking Out That Alexander Skarsgård Kissed Nicole Kidman In Front Of Her Husband

Really?! In front of MY salad (and by salad, I mean Keith Urban)?!

If you're here, you probably watched the Emmys last night (or at least are aware they went down). A lot happened! And while pretty much everyone was talking about Sean Spicer and The Handmaid's Tale, something ELSE during last night's broadcast rocked me to the core so hard... I had trouble sleeping!


Like most card-carrying homosexuals, I'm a Big Little Lies fan — a Big Little Liar, if you will. So obvi I was rooting big time for Laura (I'm a Dernimal!), Nicole (I'm a Kidmaniac!), Reese (I'm a Witherspooner!), and company last night.


Confession: I'm glad Nicole won, but Reese was the best part of the show. THERE. I SAID IT.

Anyway, Alexander Skarsgård won an Emmy last night for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie last night — pretty well deserved, because he was terrifying AF as the abusive Perry Wright. But when we went up to accept his award...something crazy happened.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

And I'm not talking about that mustache. WHEW.

On his way to the stage, he did the usual "acknowledge my co-stars" routine — and in the process, kissed co-star Nicole Kidman. On the lips. IN FRONT OF HER HUSBAND, KEITH URBAN.

And here's Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips... in front of her husband, Keith Urban. #Emmys

And this wasn't just a quick little peck. This was full-on, on-the-lips-action. Maybe it's a European thing! Maybe it's a straight person thing! I don't know! But call me old fashioned — you don't kiss married women on the lips in front of their husband on broadcast television!!!

CBS / Giphy / Via

Here's another angle for good measure. I mean it *IS* Alexander Skarsgård — who DOESN'T want to make out with him?! — but really?! In front of MY salad?!

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

MEANWHILE we're all over here like...


And of course...lots of people had questions.

Did Nicole Kidman just kiss Alex Skarsgard in front of Keith Urban? #Emmys


When Alexander Skarsgard gave Nicole Kidman a *pretty* hot kiss in front of Keith Urban:

Like, did thine eyes just deceive us?!

Alexander Skarsgard just, ahem, sealed his Emmy win with a kiss from Nicole Kidman in front of her husband?! #Emmys

Nope, we just saw that.

Was it just me or did Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman kiss on the lips?! 😘 #Emmys

Although, to be fair...this guy has a valid point.

To be clear I would also kiss Nicole Kidman and/or Alexander Skarsgard in front of my husband. No question.

And the night seemed to end well, as it appeared Nicole planted a big smooch on Keith when she racked up a win for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.

People should stand up and clap. That's some kiss! @KeithUrban Nicole Kidman #Emmys #CouplesGoals #BestOnScreenKiss

BUT STILL... I can't believe what my eyes just saw! Anyway, have a great week y'all!


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