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People Are Freaking Out That Alexander Skarsgård Kissed Nicole Kidman In Front Of Her Husband

Really?! In front of MY salad (and by salad, I mean Keith Urban)?!

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If you're here, you probably watched the Emmys last night (or at least are aware they went down). A lot happened! And while pretty much everyone was talking about Sean Spicer and The Handmaid's Tale, something ELSE during last night's broadcast rocked me to the core so hard... I had trouble sleeping!

Like most card-carrying homosexuals, I'm a Big Little Lies fan — a Big Little Liar, if you will. So obvi I was rooting big time for Laura (I'm a Dernimal!), Nicole (I'm a Kidmaniac!), Reese (I'm a Witherspooner!), and company last night.


Confession: I'm glad Nicole won, but Reese was the best part of the show. THERE. I SAID IT.

Anyway, Alexander Skarsgård won an Emmy last night for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie last night — pretty well deserved, because he was terrifying AF as the abusive Perry Wright. But when we went up to accept his award...something crazy happened.

On his way to the stage, he did the usual "acknowledge my co-stars" routine — and in the process, kissed co-star Nicole Kidman. On the lips. IN FRONT OF HER HUSBAND, KEITH URBAN.

And here's Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips... in front of her husband, Keith Urban. #Emmys


And this wasn't just a quick little peck. This was full-on, on-the-lips-action. Maybe it's a European thing! Maybe it's a straight person thing! I don't know! But call me old fashioned — you don't kiss married women on the lips in front of their husband on broadcast television!!!

And of course...lots of people had questions.

Did Nicole Kidman just kiss Alex Skarsgard in front of Keith Urban? #Emmys



When Alexander Skarsgard gave Nicole Kidman a *pretty* hot kiss in front of Keith Urban:

Like, did thine eyes just deceive us?!

Alexander Skarsgard just, ahem, sealed his Emmy win with a kiss from Nicole Kidman in front of her husband?! #Emmys

Nope, we just saw that.

Was it just me or did Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman kiss on the lips?! 😘 #Emmys

Although, to be fair...this guy has a valid point.

To be clear I would also kiss Nicole Kidman and/or Alexander Skarsgard in front of my husband. No question.

And the night seemed to end well, as it appeared Nicole planted a big smooch on Keith when she racked up a win for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.

People should stand up and clap. That's some kiss! @KeithUrban Nicole Kidman #Emmys #CouplesGoals #BestOnScreenKiss