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    The 28 Most Iconic Things That Happened In Britney And Iggy's Music Video

    Girls roll up, windows roll down...

    1. First, when Britney starts singing, and we're all like, "HOT DAMN WE'VE BEEN #BLESSED WITH ANOTHER BRITNEY VID."

    2. Then when alien Iggy emerges from the pool with her hair perfectly coiffed, which doesn't make sense, but whatever.

    3. When Britney fixes Iggy's hair sitch like the true domestic goddess that she is. GOD BLESS HAIRSTYLENEY!!!

    4. Makeover complete. MUCH, much better!!!

    5. When Iggy's eyes light up like she's staring at that elusive Grammy...

    6. When Britney and Iggy break every traffic law possible, but still look FABULOUS doing it.

    7. Seriously, how did they not get pulled over?

    8. When Britney teaches Iggy to blow a kiss at all the boys who WISH they had a piece of this.

    9. When Britney multitasks like only the One True Queen of Pop could: Driving in L.A. while also checking herself out in the mirror and trying to understand what the hell Iggy is saying.

    10. When Britney waves at all the haters, all the while STILL not keeping her eyes on the road.


    11. When Iggy opened a freaking hair salon in Britney's convertible.

    A good backup career option, TBH.

    12. And then when Iggy turned this guy's water into...IDK, is that rosé? Cran-vodka? WHO KNOWS.

    But California needs it. We're in a draught.

    13. When Britney busts out this impeccable booty gyrate and all the boys were like "DAYUM."

    DAYUM, indeed!

    14. When this walking Ralph Lauren ad was like, "Whoa, Britney's back!!!"

    15. When Danceney did this...

    16. ...and then this.

    17. THIS. HAIR. TOSS.

    Beyoncé, take some damn notes!

    18. When Britney made it rain with all her Vegas millions...

    19. ...and then busted out this booty pop, because why the hell not?

    20. When Britney made this *perfect* joke.

    Get it? Iggy's an alien!

    21. When Iggy finally was useful and she fixed Britney's busted phone.

    Yet she still couldn't turn it into an iPhone. SMDH.

    22. When Britney and Iggy were like, "Screw it, we're hot AF" and broke some MORE traffic laws.

    23. THIS...

    24. ...AND THIS.

    25. When Britney was abducted by aliens, because we mere earthlings are not worthy of her.

    26. When Britney and Iggy bonded over their love of dancing and hatred of keeping both eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

    27. LOVESIT.

    28. And finally, when the credits ran and we wish the video lasted another 4:32.

    Check the instantly iconic video out HERE:

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