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    27 Pictures That Will Shock You At How Much The World Has Changed In Five Years

    Man, five years is a LOT.

    1. There wasn't any "Bad Blood" between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

    2. Kim and Kris were in LUV. Where's Kanye?

    3. Oh yeah, he's hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. LOL.

    4. Adele's hair. That's all.

    5. Miley hung out at the Kids' Choice Awards instead of smoking weed...

    6. ...and also was in lurvvvvvv with Liam.

    7. Jennifer Lawrence wasn't tripping up...she was just a "rising star."

    8. The Kardashians...really loved leopard print. Couture!

    9. Lady Gaga was still into weird shit like riding an egg into the Grammys.

    10. Also she hung out with baby Willow Smith.

    11. Ariana Grande may have rocked a ponytail, but she looked more like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

    12. Jelena was still a thing. RIP Jelena.

    13. Also, just like, everything happening in this pic of the Biebs and Demi Lovato.

    14. Nick Jonas was not as beefcake as he is today! Also he hung out with Disney characters!

    15. Nicki Minaj wore this. And somehow Anna Wintour was OK with it.

    16. Quick, someone get the time-turner! THIS is what the Harry Potter cast looked like just five years ago.

    17. Robert Pattinson gave himself a haircut? SMH.

    18. Britney and BadGalRiRi teamed up for some S&M vibes.

    19. Bey dropped some major Blue Ivy news on us...

    20. Calvin Harris looked like this in 2011...

    21. ...this was Kylie Jenner's ~look~...

    22. ...and wee little Zendaya looked like this!

    23. Oscar Isaac was ~relatively~ unknown, but he caught the eye of the Queen of Pop.

    24. Ruby Rose wasn't the edgy diva we've come to expect, but she still rocked a pink 'do.

    25. Jon Snow (JK Kit Harrington) was fresh-faced and very much alive.

    26. Lena Dunham rocked some longer locks.

    27. And honestly, this single picture of One Direction proves how far we've come since 2011.