25 Things Catholic Bros Love

Somewhere in the Vatican, Pope Francis is nodding his head to all of these right now.

1. Rooting for Catholic schools (Notre Dame, Georgetown, Boston College, etc.)

Getty Images / Via examiner.com

2. Being a Mama’s Boy

Getty Images / Via cnn.com

4. St. Patrick’s Day

5. Betting on the New Pope

NBC News / Via nbcnews.tumblr.com

6. Grilled Cheese/Peanut Butter Sandwiches During Lent

Bon Appetit / Via bonappetit.com

7. Socks with Shower Sandals

8. Playing FIFA with Other Catholic Bros

9. Giving Bro Hugs/Handshakes During the Sign of Peace at Mass

10. Pope John Paul II aka JP2

11. The Blazer/Tie/Khaki Combo

12. The Departed

13. Beer. Lots of Beer.

14. Once Being an Altar Boy, Now Reading at Mass

15. Wearing a Cross Necklace

Tribal Hollywood / Via facebook.com

16. Visiting the Vatican/As Many Churches as Possible When They Study Abroad

17. Christmas (and the Ugly Sweater Parties that Come with It)

18. Going to an All-Boys High School

19. Going to Mass Hungover

20. Being “Bros” or “Tight” with a Priest

21. Going Home for Easter During College

23. Girls Who Pray

24. Being Captain of Their High School Team

25. Hanging Out With Other Catholic Bros

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