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24 Tweets About AP US History That Will Make You Laugh And Also Cry

Bring on the DBQ!

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1. When you're studying the night before and you realized you're screwed:

I say we all get slushies before the APUSH exam tomorrow.. my treat

2. So much for all that homework you did all year:

I should join the Know-Nothing Party because I know nothing for the APUSH exam

3. Although this one picture would have been good enough prep:

Basically the theme of the 2016 #APUSH test

4. And then when you actually open the exam:

Tomorrow: *opens apush exam*

5. When this horrible pickup line makes too much sense:

hey girl are you the APUSH Exam? becuase I'd do you on a table for 3 and a half hours straight with a 10 minute snack break in between

6. Also, this one:

20 minutes into short answer and chill and he gives you this look #APUSH

7. When choosing a letter isn't that easy:

Multiple choice compared to the rest of the exam #apush

8. When you're able to regurgitate a lot of knowledge...for part of the exam:

9. Seriously, god bless the DBQ:

When I thought I wasn't doing good on the #apush exam but I get to the dbq

10. We're not kidding about this one:

11. That's because this year's subject was LIT:

me during the APUSH exam when i opened the booklet and saw that the dbq was on feminism

12. Because it looks like the College Board got in FORMATION:

me before opening the #apush dbq vs after seeing it was on feminism

13. You went OFF during the DBQ:

Feminist during that #APUSH test essay

14. Although you might have gotten a little *too* caught off in displaying your knowledge:

Two paragraphs into your DBQ and you hear "you should be moving onto your second essay now" #APUSH

15. Seriously, it had your mind racing:

When ur writing ur DBQ & trying to include all documents & add outside info & synthesize & watch the clock #APUSH

16. When the entire exam feels like you're one of Washington's troops at Valley Forge:

Answer a), b) and C): a) Identify ONE factor & explain why this caused this b) do it again c) ANOTHER ONE #APUSH

17. When you weren't able to show off your World War II knowledge:

when there was no WW II on the #APUSH exam

18. When the AP exam actually destroyed your body:

19. Like, you needed to seriously rest that hand:

My hand felt weaker than the articles of confederation during that exam #APUSH

20. Not to mention you were locked in that room for HOURS:

That exam felt longer than FDR's presidency #APUSH

21. And you really weren't allowed to talk about the exam after...but you wanted to:

when you want to make #apush and #aplit exam memes like everyone else but you signed the vow of secrecy

22. When you felt confident after, and something seemed off:

When you feel good about the #APUSH exam

23. Because you're terrified of *this* happening:

Me: Yo that #APUSH exam was EZ CollegeBoard in July: u got a 2 lol.

24. And finally, this is definitely how you felt finishing APUSH once and for good:

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