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    Posted on Jul 18, 2013

    23 Ways To Beat The Heat

    It's too hot outside. When it comes to staying cool, it's time to get creative.

    1. Go for a swim.

    2. If you don't have a pool, make one!

    3. Have an ice-cold drink.

    4. Stay in the shade.

    5. But seriously. THE SHADE.

    6. Be sure to put on lots of sunscreen...

    7. ...otherwise this could be you.

    8. Go to the beach.

    9. But be sure to behave when you're there.

    10. Go somewhere fun indoors, like a museum.

    11. ...Or maybe the mall.

    12. But remember that the mall isn't a place to go swimming.

    13. Stay hydrated!

    14. Seriously, you can't have too much water.

    15. ICE CREAM.


    16. No really: it makes the pain go away.

    17. Turn on a fan.

    18. Because if it's good enough for Beyonce, it's good enough for you.

    19. Strip down to your skivvies.

    20. Go to the coolest part of the house.

    21. When all else fails, fire up the A/C!

    22. ...Wherever that may be.

    23. And just remember, in a few months it will be winter and you'll be complaining about how cold it is.