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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    23 Signs You Are The Ron Weasley Of Your Friend Group

    BLOODY HELL, you don't need to drive a flying car to be the Ron of your friend group. It just takes some bravery, loyalty, and a lot of awkwardness.

    1. Your family name precedes you...

    2. Because your family is the BEST.

    3. You have a huge appetite.

    4. Like, you're always hungry.

    5. And your friends are asking why you're ALWAYS eating.

    6. You aren't a smooth talker with the opposite sex.

    7. But in the end you make it work.

    8. You're not the best in school.

    9. You may not be the most athletic...

    10. But you come up big when it counts.

    11. You're really good at creating awkward situations.

    12. You don't have the best sense of fashion.


    13. And your dance moves may need some work.

    14. You have a hard time hiding your emotions.

    15. Sometimes you don't know WHAT is going on.

    16. You have the best catchphrases.

    17. You know a friend in need is a friend indeed.

    18. Sometimes you don't understand the gravity of a situation.

    19. You aren't afraid of a bit of PDA.

    20. You have a habit of stating the obvious.

    21. You really, really love your pets.

    22. You've got guts, even if you don't always show it.

    23. Basically you're the most loyal, brave, underrated best friend ever!

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