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    16 Celebs Who Share A Birthday With The Royal Baby

    The royal baby isn't the only celebrity who blows out his candles on July 22. From Selena Gomez to Alex Trebek, a few other well-known figures share a birthday with the royal bundle of joy.

    1. Edward Hopper (American Painter)

    2. Rose Kennedy (Mother of JFK and RFK)

    3. Bob Dole (U.S. Politician)

    4. Oscar de la Renta (Fashion Designer)

    5. Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

    6. Alex Trebek (Host of Jeopardy)

    7. George Clinton

    8. Albert Brooks (Marlin from Finding Nemo)

    9. Don Henley (Singer/Songwriter/Drummer in The Eagles)

    10. Willem Dafoe (Actor)

    11. John Leguizamo (Actor)

    12. David Spade (Comedian/Actor)

    13. Keyshawn Johnson (Football Player)

    14. Rufus Wainwright (Singer)

    15. Selena Gomez (Singer/Actress)

    16. Prince Felix of Denmark