The Sickest Drops On The Internet

There’s no denying that watching stuff get destroyed is just plain awesome. However, that situation changes when it’s one of your most valuable possessions—like your laptop. Don’t let it turn out like one of these items. Instead, protect your laptop with the Samsonite VizAir and its athletic shoe technology.

2. These guys

3. This girl

4. These six-packs


5. These balloons filled with guacamole (obviously)

6. This wedding cake

7. This clock

8. This bowling ball

9. This dollhouse

10. This giant water-balloon

11. This soda bottle

12. This television

13. This watermelon

14. These glasses

15. The bass

Instead of dealing with any of that, protect your laptop with this bag—the VizAir. Its athletic shoe technology will keep everything just where it should be. Even if it falls off a building or whatever.

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