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19 Useful Items From Sam’s Club That’ll Make Your Holidays Run A Little Smoother

And with their curbside Pickup, shopping can be even more convenient.

Hello, hard-working elves out there! The holiday season is a chaotic and stressful time, but there is some help. Sam's Club offers a ton of great deals, and you can even order ahead with curbside Pickup service! All you have to do is shop online, check in on your phone, and stay in your car while Sam’s associates load your order for you. Everyone can expect something special this year when they use curbside Pickup.

employee wears mask and stocks the truck of a car with supplies

Let's take a look at some things you can order that will make the holidays a little easier:

1. Indoor/outdoor Command clips ready to keep your string lights in place and making decorating a total snap.

A model using the clips to hang lights outside

2. A Roku Ultra streaming kit so you can have everything from claymation classics to holiday rom-coms with the push of a button.

A remote, ultra streaming player, and bud headphones

3. A giant tub of red and green M&M's that can be used as delicious and easy decor throughout the holiday season.

Two jugs of M&M's

4. An air fryer, aka the fan-favorite gadget that helps you crisp up all your favorite foods with way less oil.

The black air fryer gadget

5. Or a PowerXL air fryer grill that has a little more room for bigger dishes. It's also 40% faster than a traditional oven!

The oven with pot of food in it

6. A sensor garbage can so you can toss eggshells and peels without touching the trash at all. Your famous deviled eggs are amazing but the cleanup sure isn't.

The silver garbage can

7. A color-changing Christmas tree that comes already decked out in lights so you can skip the most annoying step of tree decorating.

Tree with baubles, white Christmas lights, and ribbon

8. A trio of festive penguin toys so your dog has some entertainment while you're busy taking care of other chores around the house.

Three round penguins wearing various winter clothing

9. A three-piece baking tray set so you can have three sets of cookies in the oven at once. Santa won't know what hit him when he arrives and finds a whole slew of options to sample.

Three different cookies on silver baking trays

10. Leakproof Glad trash bags infused with a wonderful lavender scent so taking out the garbage will feel like a walk in the park.

The box of bags

11. A cord-free Dyson vacuum so lightweight and easy to use that you'll wonder how you ever got on with your cumbersome old model. Pine needles and cookie crumbs won't stand a chance.

12. A zero gravity gaming and massage chair you'll definitely want to plop yourself down in once you're done with chores for the day. Cooking, cleaning, and hanging up decorations can be brutal on your feet. Take a break! You deserve it.

The black massage chair

13. A smokeless grill for cooks who want delicious hot dogs, burgers, and grilled veggies but don't want to brave the cold outdoors.

The grill

14. A Bluetooth sound system so you and your family can enjoy some colorful karaoke right at home.

A big speaker with glowing LED lights throughout and a microphone

15. A pair of ginger spice Glade plug-ins with six refills so your home can smell like freshly baked goods without ever having to even turn on the oven.

The plug-ins and refill bottles

16. A stainless steel roaster and carving set because everyone needs one if they want a wow-worthy roast this year.

The roaster holding cooked meat

17. A frozen pumpkin cheesecake you can pick up curbside the day you need it. Way easier than baking one the night before and having to wait patiently by the fridge for it to set.

The packaging for pumpkin cheesecake

18. A Ninja Smart Screen kitchen system that comes with a blender, food processor, and personal blender. The 1,400-watt motor, pre-set programs, and ultrasharp blades make it easy to whip up smoothies, açaí bowls, pesto, hummus, and more.

The food processor

19. And a 24-piece glass storage system that won't absorb smells or stains, making them a snap to clean. Not even leftover cranberry sauce could leave a mark.

Glass containers with clip-on lids

Make this your most seamless holiday season yet with Sam's Club's convenient curbside Pickup.

employee stocks items into truck while driver stays in car

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