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The 10 Grocery Picks You Need To Create A Pro-Level Game Day Spread

Kick off your party with these delicious and deluxe game day foods.

You've got a great TV set up, your friends are all invited, but to take your party to the next level, you need the best spread. If you want to give your guests the VIP treatment, grab some of these game-day groceries from Sam's Club.

Football game party spread

1. This Fruit and Cheese Party Tray that doesn't require any prep work, but still adds a deluxe touch to your spread.

A fruit and cheese platter

2. This Spindrift Sparkling Water that's made with real fruit for a refreshing taste your guests are sure to love!

A box of Spindrift

3. Elevate the halftime show by serving these delicious Member’s Mark Strip Steaks.

Two steaks on a grill

4. This Member's Mark Spanakopita is so delicious, your guests may just think it's homemade.

A box of Spanakopita

5. This DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza with the original rising crust and a fresh-baked taste!

6. This Hidden Valley Original Ranch Mix. Use it to make dressing, or add it to chicken wings, popcorn, or dip to elevate your dish!

A bottle of Hidden Valley ranch seasoning

7. This 2-Pack of Velveeta that you can use to make extra creamy mac 'n' cheese or a spicy cheese dip.

8. Some classics never go out of style! Add Doritos to your party for a crowd-pleasing snack everyone will enjoy.

A bag of doritos

9. Take your party to the next level with Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties. Prepare a signature burger with specialty toppings, or let guests build their own deluxe designs.

A package of Beyond Burgers

10. End the night on a high note with these VIP-worthy Member's Mark Cheesecake Miniatures, which come in three different flavors.

A box of cheesecake minis

Sam's Club doesn't just have the best game day groceries! This year, they also have a special VIP Yard Line Savings membership offer. Watch the Sam's Club ad in the fourth quarter to learn how you can save on a new membership.