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Sam’s Club Has Curbside Pickup And It’s Perfect For Holiday Shopping

Sam's Club now has Curbside Pickup available through their website and app. Your holidays just got a lot less hectic!

The savings you expect from Sam's Club, now more convenient than ever!

A person puts a coin in a piggy bank.

With Curbside Pickup, you can get Sam's Club's amazing deals in the easiest way possible. No crowd, no waiting. Just savings!

Now, you don't have to go to the store to know if your items are in stock!

A woman stares at empty shelves.

Everybody hates going to the store with a list and leaving without half of the items. Order online or with the Sam's Club app and you can be sure what you're going to get.

No muss, no fuss, no holiday rush!

A crowd holiday shopping at a night market.

Holiday shopping is a notoriously crowded experience. Now you can skip the packed stores and long lines, and get everything you need fast!

Sam's Club has everything you need for the holidays!

A man shops in a warehouse store.

From food and furniture to gifts and beyond, Sam's Club has all your holiday needs.

There are no minimums on Curbside Pickup orders!

A hand holding up a small box on one finger.

If you only need one item, no problem! Your order can be as small (or as large!) as you need it to be.

Refrigerated and frozen items are kept cold until you pick them up!

A person holding up a container of clotted cream in the frozen food section.

Worried your ice cream will melt? Worry no more! Sam's Club will keep your cold items at the perfect temperature until you arrive.

It's super easy to pick up your order!

Groceries in a minivan trunk.
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Check in via text or app, pull into a Curbside Pickup spot, and wait for your car to be loaded. That's all!

Best of all, your order can be ready in as few as four hours!

A worker hands a customer a package at Curbside Pickup.

Place your order in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon (based on slot availability). Now, last-minute shopping doesn't have to be a source of anxiety!

An illustration of a car being loaded at Sam's Club Curbside Pickup.

Illustration via Sam's Club. All other images via Getty.

Curbside Pickup from Sam's Club is a perfect way to save time and money this holiday season. It's free for Plus members and, for a limited time, Club members can enjoy that benefit as well! Place your order by Dec. 23 to make sure you can pick it up in time for your holiday celebrations. Visit their website to get started!