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Curbside Pickup At Sam’s Club Is About To Take The Stress Out Of Holiday Shopping

Don't let holiday shopping put a damper on the season. Expect something special when you use curbside Pickup at Sam's Club.

Okay, we all love the holidays, right?

But sometimes it's hard to love them because holiday shopping can be so stressful.

Good thing curbside Pickup at Sam's Club is here to help.

The best part is, Pickup is free to all Sam's Club members for a limited time and always free for Plus members.

Simply search for items marked "in club" online at your leisure, choose a pickup time, and then check in on your phone when you arrive. And voilà, someone will deliver your order right to your car!

Oh, yes, curbside Pickup is easy, quick, and secure!

So don't stress about the holidays. Curbside Pickup at Sam's Club is here to offer a helping hand.