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7 Ways Curbside Pickup At Sam's Club Will Help You During The Holidays

Sam’s Club has everything you need for the holiday season and with Curbside Pickup, it’s easier than ever to buy those things. Here are some of the ways Sam's Club is making holiday shopping better!

1. Avoid the holiday rush.

A crowd holiday shopping.

2. Know what's in stock without going to the store.

A woman stares at empty shelves.

3. You can get everything you need in one place.

A woman shops in a warehouse store.

4. You can take advantage of the same low prices you'd find in store.

Rolls of dollar bills on a beige background.

5. There's no minimum required for Curbside Pickup orders.

Man hands pickup order to someone in a car.

6. Picking up your order is super easy.

A man loads groceries into a car trunk.

7. You can pick up your order in as few as four hours.

A woman is handed a box at curbside pickup.
A person uses the Sam's Club app to place a pickup order.

Sam's Club app image via Sam's Club. All other images via Getty.

Using Curbside Pickup from Sam's Club is a great way to save time and money this holiday season. And it's always free for Plus members (and, for a limited time, free for Club members). Make sure to place your order before Dec. 23 to pick it up in time for the holidays. Visit their website to get started!