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    • sams68

      Why do some people in here have to make their point by typing ENTIRELY IN UPPER CASE? Do they think that this will GET THEIR POINT OVER EVEN MORE? The evidence was carefully weighed. Martin was shot by Zimmerman in self defence. Besides, who in their right minds would want to attack a man with a gun in his hand? Unless, as all the evidence has shown, Trayvon Martin was a wannabe “bad ass gansta nigga” with a pretty poor attitude towards woman and whites.  Now we have the race baiters who claim to speak for poor blacks. Jesse Jackson (worth $10 million), Barack Obama (worth $11 million) Eric Holder (worth $5.7 million) and Al Sharpton (worth $5.2 million) have done nothing for impoverished blacks. They have gotten rich by playing the race card, and now they are milking it for all its worth under the disguise of “justice for Trayvon.”  Pathetic.

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