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34 Things Every Liverpool Student Will Understand

"Yes, I've been to the Cavern Club."

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1. When you think of Liverpool University, you think of this building.

2. Despite the fact you've never actually been inside it.

3. When you started uni, you could barely understand the Scouse accent.

4. But now you've left, doing a very accurate Scouse impression is your go-to party trick among non-Scousers.

5. In Freshers' Week, a midnight journey on the 699 was one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

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6. And Concert Square seemed like the greatest place on earth.

7. But now you can't imagine a Friday night without the classic Faculty-Heebies combo.

8. And just a couple of Quad Vods.

9. Monday nights were best spent at the Raz.

10. That is, if you were able to make it through the infamous Raz queue.

11. And put up with the perculiar Raz juice that covered every inside surface.

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12. Failing that, you could always rely on Camel.

13. Either way, Tuesday was a write-off.

14. Which was just as well, because Bumper Tuesdays were beyond terrible.

15. You've had at least one take away from Carlito's after a night out.

16. But nothing beats a meal from Chesters.

17. You soon learnt not to expect a seat in the Sydney Jones after 10am.

18. The Sydney Jones was always filled with people like this.

19. Whilst the Harold Cohen was filled with people like this.

20. If someone didn't live on Smithdown, they weren't worth visiting.

21. If they lived in Kensington, you had to take a back up with you.

22. And if you visited a friend on the dock, you went equipped with champagne and caviar.

23. This is what Greenbank thought about Carnatic.

24. And this is what Carnatic thought about Greenbank.


25. Of course, this is what everyone thought about Vine Court.

26. You always thought the Catholic Cathedral looked awfully similar to Space Mountain.

27. But when you did your exams in there, it felt more like a Hogwarts dungeon.

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28. The rivalry between Uni of Liverpool and John Moores was very real.

29. But we all united over our mutual pity for Liverpool Hope and Edge Hill students.

30. You soon came to realise that Penny Lane really isn’t a big deal.

31. And by the end you were getting kind of sick of the Beatles too.

32. You've lost count of the number of times you've been asked whether you've been to the Cavern Club.

33. Or whether you've been robbed.

34. But that’s OK. You'll wear the fact that you went to uni in the world's best city as a badge of honour for as long as you live.