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Cheese Flavored Prodcuts That Will Make You Wish You Didn't Exist

Apparently the demons who created these products ignored the age old saying of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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Aah! Bisto


The great thing about this, is that they not only improved that cheesy flavor, but it's also portable. So, when you go to your satanic rituals and sprinkle it over your goat sacrifice, you don't have to worry about your cheese going bad. Just add water (or the tears of the non-believers).

Cheez Whiz


This spreadable and allegedly edible concoction has apparently been tormenting the masses for decades. It's the jar that gets you out of a jam if you have absolutely nothing else in your house and you hate your family. (Also the "as many sandwiches as he can eat" sounds like a malicious challenge that ends up in a hospital).

Cup Noodle: Cheese Meat


While a cheeseburger in a cup might seem like the best thing to ever happen to the broke and self loathing college student, this is probably like the worst possible use of 4 bucks. (Unless of course you're still buying Four Lokos). The blockhead super villain also looks like he's coming to f@#! your day up by eating your soul.

Mac & Cheese Lip Balm

If you are stoked on this idea, then congrats! You too want your lips to taste and probably smell like crusty cheese product for all eternity. Or at least for the 5-10 seconds directly after you apply, which is about as effective as Claire's chapstick will probably ever be.

Orange and Cheese Juice


Because there just aren't enough cheese flavored drinks out there.

The description says Orange with Rare Cheese Flavor. Do you know what's rare about this?! Pairing orange juice and cheese (juice) to make a drink that you think should fall under the category "Fruit Sweets" and not "You are going to Vomit Indefinitely".

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