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Hornets Use Cam Newton Bobble Head To Draw Fans To Late Season Games

Buzzfeed Post March 18, 2017- Saturday's Hornets game against the Washington Wizards could prove to be their most popular game of the season. It doesn't have much playoff implication, as the Hornets sit four games back of the eighth place in the Eastern Conference. The Wizards, led by resurgent John Wall, sit at third place in the Eastern Conference, just four games back of the front-running Cavs. No, it isn't the basketball game that will be draw Charlotte fans to the Spectrum Center on Saturday, it's the giveaway. The Hornets are giving away custom Cam Newton bobble heads. I guess when your team is playing as bad as the Hornets have been for the past month, management has to do something to keep ticket sales up. Cam Newton is Charlotte's hero, and that is an understatement. The Hornets seem desperate now. Having won just three of eight games in March. It doesn't seem like the Hornets are going to make much of an April push this year. With scoring coming from a consistent Kemba Walker and then a myriad of inconsistent players like Frank Kaminsky, Jeremy Lamb and Nic Batum, it looks like the Hornets are a few key cogs away from being serious contenders. Coach Clifford continues to praise the effort of the Hornets, but fans can see what is really going on. Charlotte has lost it's drive. Kemba Walker seems to be doing everything by himself. The only thing Charlotte fans can enjoy is the spectacular tryout for the dunk contest from Cody Zeller and the ageless wonder Marvin Williams. After the Wizards, the Hornets will face the Atlanta Hawks on Monday the 20th, the Orlando Magic on Wed. the 22th, and the Lebron-led Cavaliers on Friday the 24th. In the mean time, the Hornets are looking to have a Luke Kuechly night pretty soon. Hey, gotta get fans in the stadium somehow, right? Attached is a link to the rest of the Charlotte Hornets' 2016-17 regular season schedule.

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