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What Not To Do If Your Hard Drive Crashes

Imagine you are using your computer and all of a sudden, your computer stops working. You don’t have any warning at all, and despite trying to reboot it several times, your efforts are in vain. At this point, you're most likely wondering if you need to take it to a professional or if there’s something you can do to fix it yourself. You should probably leave this to the professionals as you can do more damage yourself. If you’re trying to perform hard drive recovery, avoid doing the following things.

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Take Your Computer Apart

You shouldn’t take your computer apart unless you know what you are doing. While the temptation to do so might be there because you want to get a look at the hard drive, if you don’t know what you are looking for, this is pretty futile. By taking apart your computer with no knowledge of what you are doing, you can make the problem worse. If your computer has a warranty, you might make the warranty null and void if you take the computer apart yourself.

Hitting Your Hard Drive with A Hammer

Some people think that by lightly tapping their hard drive with a hammer it can fix the problem. You might have some very brief success with getting the hard drive to work with this method, but the likelihood of that happening is very small. Instead, you could make the hard drive problem much worse and deem data recovery impossible.

Try to open the hard drive

Your hard drive may have malfunctioned because there’s a problem with the heads or other internal component. However, you should never open or tamper with the hard drive. They are highly complex and delicate devices and should only be opened by trained technicians in a Class 100 clean room environment.

Have A Friend of a Friend Fix It?

We’ve all been there; something breaks and your friend says I have a buddy that can fix it for you. While you might think this will be an easy way for you to save money and get your computer fixed, it probably won’t be. Unless this friend of a friend has a lot of computer experience (and we’re not just talking about surfing on the internet), don’t let them touch your computer.

Keep Trying to Turn Your Computer on And Off

If your computer doesn’t work the first time, what should you do? The urge is probably there to keep turning it on and off to see if you can get it to work. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good idea as you can do more damage to other components of the computer. The reality is that if your computer doesn’t work the first time because the hard drive is damaged, then it probably won’t work the 10th time either.

What You Can Do

Now that we’ve gone over what you can’t/shouldn’t do if your hard drive fails, here are some things you can do.

1. Leave your computer off. Once you’ve realized that your hard drive has probably failed, leave your computer off. If it’s plugged in, unplug it and don’t continue to try to charge it. You might even want to take the battery out of your computer if it’s easily accessible.

2. Take it to a professional. A computer professional will be your best bet to try to fix your hard drive or at least recover data on your computer. Just remember that in some instances there won’t be anything that they can do. However, if you have valuable information on your computer, then it’s worth a shot to take it to a data recovery professional to see if they can help you.

3. Get a device to back up your information in the future. While there might not be anything that you can do in your current situation, in the future, you can protect the information on your computer by getting a device, such as a USB hard drive, to back up the important information that you have on your computer.

Unfortunately, hard drives fail. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure not to do anything that could make it worse. Utilizing the tips, we mentioned can help you have the best success at recovering data on your hard drive.

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