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8 Things You Might Not Know About CliQ's 'Wavey'

Ahead of playlist today, enjoy these fun facts in listical form!

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It finished at #66 on the OCC chart last week following the Scott Mills TOTW (#65 today), for context this is ahead of most of the current C list and tracks like Big Boi, SZA and One Bit and Noah Cyrus which have all received R1 playlist - its also #12 in OCC trending chart this week

Memes have been circulating around the internet since it was released, this Facebook post has had over 3m views.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: ketflixandpillsofficial

We know the Radio 1 daytime audience love it, because it regularly receives up to 1800 tags from single play, below is a Scott Mills spot play, he later made it his TOTW. We're currently #45 in the UK Shazam chart.

This is from a Scott Mills spot play, followed by a Dance Anthems play the following day.

It must be the first time those 'wavey people' from used car salesroom lots have starred in a music video

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Its on a Misguided synch at the moment - its the second most Shazamed ad in the UK

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Here is another meme from tinternet......

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: officialcliq
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