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    9 Disneyland Photopass Tips To Make Your Vacation Picture Perfect

    Important tips to preserving your memories of The Happiest Place on Earth. Magical tips from the magic makers themselves.

    1. The Basics

    Photopass is a service Disney provides at their parks. These are cast member photographers trained to capture your vacation through photos with characters and Disneyland icons. They are scattered throughout the parks.

    They can often be spotted easily thanks to their stylish khaki vests

    scandalousoccupations / Via

    2. If you are visiting Disneyland for 1 or 2 days, get Photopass+ One day

    Casey Starnes / Via

    This is a product available through the Disneyland app. It costs $39 a day and for that price you get all of your photos taken by photopass photographers, attraction photos (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, California Screamin’, Radiator Springs Racers and Tower of Terror) and dining photos. If you have even 4 attractions/photopass photos that you want to download, this product pays for itself.

    3. Be Silly

    Sam Parcher

    Photopass cast members take minimal variations of the same 3 or 4 shots all day. However cast members are encouraged to think outside of the box. Cast members are recognized by the entertainment department for photo of the day, month and even year! With the exception of a couple of very busy locations, (entrance and sometimes in front of the castle) if you show a cast member your silly side or let them know you are open to creative shots, you will walk away with some amazing one-of-a-kind photos. PRO TIP: look/ask for a roving photographer. They have a lot of freedom to move around and time to pose you.

    4. Be Creative

    Sam Parcher

    Cast members will also usually go out of their way to help if you have an image or pose in mind (provided it is a safe pose and inoffensive). Characters will also pose with you about 70% of the time if you have a certain idea. However, characters often will not pose in a style outside their personality though, so don’t ask Gaston to do a princess pose.

    5. Ask for Magic Shots

    mouse13 / Via

    Magic shots are photos that cast members add a little magic to. A Photopass cast member will ask you to pose in a specific way (that may not make total sense in the moment) but when you look at your photos, a little animated magic will show up in them. Disney Parks are always adding new magic shots so even if you are a frequent visitor, ask what the cast member can do for you. Magic shots are only available with Photopass cast members who are not taking photos with a character and certain magic shots can only be done in certain locations, so ask around.

    6. Designate a Single Camera/Phone for Your Group


    Photopass cast members are happy to take photos on your camera/phone for you. However, the harsh truth is, they are responsible for their equipment first, your device second. So make things easier on your Photopass cast members by designating one phone/camera “THE ONE” and have that person text/email/snapchat the photos to everyone in the group. It is a lot easier (and safer for your phone) for a cast member to hold their equipment and 1 phone than their equipment and everyone in your party’s phones.

    Also, make sure everyone in the party is looking at the same camera at the same time. If you have someone other than a Photopass cast member taking photos at the same time, communicate to the photographers which one you will be posing for first.

    7. Andy isn't Coming

    disneylandguru / Via

    There is a popular internet rumor that if you yell, "Andy's Coming" within earshot of a Toy Story character that they will drop to the ground and pretend to be just a regular toy. This is 100% not true. If you do this, you will likely get a very exasperated reply from a cast member reminding you that Andy is in college and the toys belong to Bonnie now.

    8. Know What NOT to Do

    Sara Koonar / Via

    There are a lot of no-nos when taking photos with cast members. Dabbing and other "squad poses" are not allowed, everyone's feet must be on the ground (with exception for children who are being held), jumping is fine on your camera but not on photopass cameras, selfie sticks are not allowed in the parks, no signs, etc.

    9. Try it out!

    terrireece / Via instagram

    When taking a photo with a Photopass cast member you are under no obligation to purchase the photos. You have 45 days to make that decision so even after your vacation is over, you still have weeks to make up your mind if they are worth having. You can buy a single photo or, using the aforementioned photopass+, all the photos from your trip!

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