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How Might Nic Cage Have Changed Lord Of The Rings?

"What do you fear, my lady?"

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It's quite well known by now that Nic Cage turned down the role of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings to spend more time with his family, possibly saving LOTR from being a huge laughing stock.

But just imagine for a moment Cage had got the role; what would that have looked like?

He'd probably have been even more disapproving of Frodo slipping on the ring in the Green Dragon.

30 days of Nicolas Cage / Via

He might have had a different take on Frodo getting stabbed.

Den of Geek / Via

And perhaps a different way of telling Arwen to get him to safety.

He'd doubtless have dominated that meeting at Rivendell.

likevsfilm / Via

Waiting for the orcs on the eastern shore might have taken...a more seductive turn.

AudibleBlink / Via

"Why go all the way to Mordor to go into the very fires of Mordor?" Cage might have asked.

Planet Sad / Via

Chances are he'd have panicked a bit when faced with 10,000 Uruks, however.

Mary Sue / Via

But Eowyn would definitely have a pretty solid grasp of the situation.

He'd probably have picked up on a certain vibe between Sam and Frodo...

...been a bit more condescending to poor Gimli...

...and more direct with the army of the dead.

After all...

But who would argue with Nic Cage?


But he'd certainly have got to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields a bit earlier.

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