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17 Faces Every Reluctant Smoker Will Recognise

Because we all know smoking *is* cool.

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1. When your friend offers you a cigarette and you're all like:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

2. But you relent because secretly the idea kind of excites you.

3. And then they hand you a lighter and you're an amateur and you hold it like:

Amblin Entertainment / Via

4. And then you can't make it work so you say your fingers are cold and your friend takes over and you just go:

5. You take your first drag and desperately need to cough but can't show weakness.

Fox / Via

6. But then you realise...this isn't so bad...

Marvel Studios / Via

7. But then you remember what your mum always said...

Nickelodeon / Via

8. And how this is literally killing you.

9. And then your non-smoker friends notice you smoking and they're all:

10. But actually it's all OK because when you smoke you're as cool as this gent:

Wikipedia Commons / Via

11. Until you remember THAT picture of some lungs and suddenly your world collapses around you.

CBS / Via

12. And then you're not used to having that little oxygen in your body and everything starts spinning.

John Shepard 117 / Via

13. Just think of the tar.

Orion Pictures / Via

14. But then you realise cigarettes smell of raisins so they can't be actually bad for you...right?

15. Until you notice that taste in your mouth and everything becomes just horrible.

Scott Free Productions / Via

16. So you throw it away. But you know there's some part of you that's wanting more.

Marvel Studios / Via

17. Right up until you wake up the next day and everything smells fully terrible.

VH1 / Via

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