16 Reasons Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Your New Favorite NBA Player

The “Greek Freak” is making his way into the hearts of America.

1. His last name is longer than most American Words

Jeff Hanisch/Usa Today Sports

See that half moon? That’s his last name…

2. His smile lets you know he’s HAPPY to be playing in the NBA.

3. At age 19, he’s the youngest player in the NBA.

Jeff Hanisch/Usa Today Sports

And he’s pretty damn good.

4. Because he’s making a name for himself while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / MCT

As a Bucks fan, he gives me hope.

5. There’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to his minutes.

Follow them at @GreekFreakAlert

6. He’s an NBA Rising Star.

Literally, they named him a rising star.

7. He’s 19 years old and STILL Growing.

He’s grown an entire inch since he’s started in the NBA.

8. He has freakishly large hands.

They’re MASSIVE.

9. He LOVES his family, and his story is heartwarming.

And they’re seriously adorable.

10. Seriously, his family is the best.

The Antetokounmpo family reacts to Brandon Knight's go-ahead three:

— Eric Buenning (@ericbuenning)

11. Ladies, he’s adorable.

Having dinner with my bro...#FeelingGreat @Adeto_kouboS

— GiannisAntetokounmpo (@G_ante34)

12. He has some pretty great tweets.

You guys, it’s easy.

13. He loves trying new American things.

Like “Smothies”

14. When his family comes to America, they live it up.

Like Walmart…

15. But seriously, he’s got skills.

Benny Sieu/Usa Today Sports

Look out for this kid…

16. He’s got “Rookie of the Year” potential written all over him.

Benny Sieu/Usa Today Sports

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