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This Is What Happens When The Mindy Project Gets Snubbed By The Emmys

The show got no Emmy noms, and then news broke that Fox only ordered 15 episodes for the third season. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about that.

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Fans started the hashtag #ThankMindy to show creator Mindy Kaling that the show is a winner in their eyes, if not at the Emmys.

And to thank her for all the important life lessons...

And inspirational fashion choices.

Some fans focused on Mindy's other projects, like her book.

Or her time on "The Office."

Or generally just being one cool human...

And the celebrity everyone wants to be BFFs with.

Others had love for the show's frequent allusions to famous rom-coms...

And how that's made an impact on the audience.

A few even took shots at the shows that got Emmy noms over "The Mindy Project."

They thanked her for bringing Chris Messina to the forefront of our collective attention.

But some just really wanted to show the love.

Fans used #fullseasonformindy to express their dedication and try to get Fox to order more episodes.

Emmys be damned. We salute you, Mindy. *drops mic*

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