12 Bulldogs With Super Famous Parents

Iggy Azalea has just joined the legion of celebrity bulldog parents.

1. I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelli.

This perfect ball of pudge now belongs to none other than Iggy Azalea.

2. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend practically have their own litter

Pippa, Puddy and Penny.

3. These pups are part of THE most fashionable family.

Meet Coco and Scarlett Beckham.

4. Even former boybanders are in the bulldog game.

Winston is the dog-son of Joe Jonas.

5. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz went as far as having their bulldog, Hemingway, in their wedding.

You may now kiss the dog.

6. Jay Baruchel even brings Pal along on the job.

Because no photoshoot is complete without a bulldog.

7. Being Hugh Jackman’s dog comes with some perks.

Like matching puffer coats!

8. Even Zach Braff is in on the bulldog action.

Scooter is too adorable to not tweet pictures of.

9. There are even Kardashian-adjacent bulldogs.

North West isn’t the only cute celebrity kid.

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