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10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Homebody In Your Life


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2. A literal sloth tea infuser.

Fred and Friends / Via

It's cute AND it holds tea, which is a staple of the "never leaving this blanket cocoon ever again" lifestyle. And sloths are basically the spirit animal of everyone who's ever not wanted to retreat from their bed for days at a time.

4. A free pass on canceling plans.

Comedy Central / Via

Seriously. Just give me a coupon book full of options to say "I'm sorry, I know we had plans to go see the guy you're kind of dating's improv show tonight, but I'd really rather stay in and take a bath."

10. A Sephora gift card.

So I can more accurately carry out all the YouTube beauty tutorials I've been watching, take a selfie of my contouring, and then wash it off.

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